Review: A Piggy’s Tale #2

What’s not to love about this comic? It has everything a person needs, superheroes, talking animals, evil doers, moral lessons and the city. It is a perfection burrito with guacamole on the side. If your kids aren’t reading this comic, then you must be crazy. The story starts when an adorable pup named Piggy loses his leg to car, and with a little love from a welcoming home, discovers that he can fly. A guardian angel comes to visit Piggy and tells him of his great  powers. Piggy takes it upon himself to become the town’s protector. Now if you cat lovers have already tuned out behold Piggy needs some sidekicks. Simon, an abandoned cat with a small attitude comes along to join up with the pup. It isn’t long before Melanie, a human who has the ability to talk to animals, comes in with the team as well. The comic is cute on so many levels. The cutest thing are the characters. Piggy, even with being a cartoon, has all the qualities a dog has. I just love that bright attitude he encompasses throughout the book. Oh and I especially love when he turns around and has his tongue hanging out. Every pet owner can vouch for that. Then Simon with his beanie or toboggan, depending on your area, looks like a street cat. He has the different color patched eye which again gives him that tough persona. Like any good cat, Simon needs to be tough and sweet at the same time. Even Melanie is cute, but with her pink hair and kick butt ways, she falls right in with the team. Ethan Young has done a great job creating these animals from actual pets. I can see my cats on every page.

Piggy's Tale #2This month Magee kidnaps animals from all over the city. He then takes Melanie in hopes of extracting her powers so he can communicate with the animals. Of course his boss is the one pushing him to do this. While Simon and Melanie try to find an escape plan, Piggy is being warned by animals of the city to help his friends. But Magee wants Piggy to come so he can steal his powers too. Piggy is furious and feels an emotion he has yet to encounter; anger.

The issue deals with Piggy’s anger and how he overcomes this hatred for Magee. Again, the comic has some great lessons for kids that I would encourage anyone to read. Pet lovers will jump right into the story and kids can read it on their own. It has a good balance. Tod Emko and Ethan Young have given us a great comic about friendship and heroes. Take the time to get into the mix with A Piggy’s Tale and you will love every second of it.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Tod Emko Artist: Ethan Young Publisher: Bohemian Press Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/18/14 Format: Ongoing, Print