Review: Axe Cop: The American Choppers #2

Axe Cop: The American Choppers are back and in issue two things just go from crazy to insane.  All Hell is breaking loose in issue two where the Choppers are being attacked by some demonic axes that anyone they chop turn into a demonic axe.  The Choppers are overwhelmed by these things and decide to retreat.  Axe Cop decides that the team should lay low in old RV camping site until the team decides how to deal with this demonic outbreak.  While the teams hide in the camp site, Axe Cop decides to use Axe Goat for some recon on an old axe warehouse. To Axe Goat surprise, he finds out that the Lumber Jack Three are hiding in the warehouse and the evil group is working with Satan to build an army to kill Axe Cop. Axe Cop: The American Choppers issue two still puts the petal to the metal.  The story progresses nicely, with a good balance of action, and dialogue that keeps the readers hooked on the comic. What I have found out quickly about the Axe Cop book is that dialogue plays a big part on the series.  One of my favorite parts in this issue had to be when Axe Cop quickly corrects Axe Goat about the Lumber Jack Three and how there was originally four of them but Axe Cop saves one of them before the fumes of demonic spirits took over his buddies.  I find it to be a clever use of storytelling and writing because it portrays Axe Cop as this all-knowing person and clearly portrays him as a bad ass in any situation which really makes the character very likeable and funny.

Axe Cop - American Choppers #2 Cover copy 2Also, the explanation on how the villains cooked up their plan during Axe Cop two-minute nap was some very funny writing, and it highlights the humor of this book. I also loved that in each issue the team members have a moment to shine, the book just doesn’t rely on Axe Cop which is cool because it is a team book and the other members need to shine.  Sometimes on team books they will solely focus on one or two characters, and the other member are just there for the fight scenes.

Ethan Nicolle’s artwork in this book is simply great and it goes hand in hand with the great story telling that this book offers. The artwork is fluid and very good consistent with some great coloring that is bright and full of detail.  I love the cartoony type style that the book carries because like I mentioned before it really goes hand in hand with all the craziness that the book throws at you.  Overall, issue two of Axe Cop was just as good as issue one, and it puts the petal to the metal to all the craziness that occurs in the book. I can’t wait for the last issue.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Malachai Nicolle Artist: Ethan Nicolle Colorist: Dirk Erik Schulz Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/18/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital