Review: Abe Sapien - The Devil Does Not Jest #2

I feel like a bit of an idiot after the last review for this series, I kind of thought that it was going to lead to the even that left Abe brain-dead but I guess I missed that series. At any rate this series takes place in the past and is basically just a flashback of a moment highlighting Abe’s endurance and overall will to live. It’s strangely goofier than the last issue which had a very serious tone to it, this issue is very light-hearted and fun in comparison.
When last we left Abe he was being munched on after getting his butt kicked by all kinds of weird shit. He’s awaken by a hallucination or possible the spirit of the writer he idolized. The hallucination tells him to get up and get going as it begins to walk Abe through his life in the house and how he ended up summoning a devil through a portal only to kill it half way through. The devil/demon infected his wife with just a scratch and changed her from a small pet it woman into a huge mass of evil. As Abe gathers the injured Sheriff and listens to the hallucination he runs into the wife… still alive and full of murder. He begins fighting her as the BPRD sends help to check on him.


This review is going to be short and sweet and let me just say it’s worth picking up for the last two pages alone. It’s just a really great character moment between two of the BPRD’s best. Again, there isn’t much to say about the creative team, they deliver a great product that is well polished and a joy to read. If you’re into the Hellboy-verse then pick it up and if you’re not then go pick up another issue telling some superheroes origin for the fourth time. Like I said, short and sweet.
Score: 3/5