Review: TMNT #3

So the veil has been pulled back a lot more with this issue,it didn’t wow me as much as I would have liked but it was still a really good issue. This is quickly becoming the book I look forward to each month and will gladly track down from comic shop to comic shop to find a copy. Seriously shop owners, pull your heads out of your asses and order enough of this book. I know that DC is doing stuff with their entire line, but this Ninja Turtles… of the Teenage Mutant variety. Hopefully this month I’ll find it in the first shop I go to. I know that last rant was a bit off track, but it has relevance, this series is very popular and even admits the DC reboot it was selling out and becoming hard to find.
This issue wraps up the mystery surrounding Raph’s disappearance and it’s not because he got hot headed and left. Nope, it is much cooler and will set up the dynamic of the Turtles in a very different way. I’m going to try and remain as spoiler free as possible, because it is such a big reveal issue. Aside from getting 100% of the origin story for the Turtles you also get a decent amount of back story for Casey Jones as well. It’s also very different from past versions, but it’s very modernized and fitting. My only grip is that it’s a bit too chatty and Casey seems to open up to Raph way too quickly.
TMNT 3There was no April in this issue and the lab element was definitely missing from the issue, but overall the story was very solid and continues to revitalize the Turtles. I know that it’s also premiering as a new cartoon (Soon? Already? I don’t know), but for me personally all I need is this comic book. That doesn’t mean that if the book takes a turn for the worst that I’ll blindly support it as I would in my youth, but you can bet that it’ll take a lot to get rid of me.
You have to give IDW credit for really putting out a great product that continues to please and excite the way Turtles has for three months now. Already people are tired of talking about DC and yet the Turtles buzz continues each month. If you’re buying the book then this is definitely a payoff issue that sets the stage for the fourth issue to be even bigger and more action packed. What are you waiting for already, buy the damn book!
Score: 4/5