Review: Aliens vs. Parker #2

Space-Ex: See the universe, that why some people become space delivery boys. You can get pretty desperate for a lady when surrounded by dudes and this can lead to a rash decisions.  Parker has snapped and taken the crew with him down to the surface for a date with Presley.

Parker and the boys are falling towards the ground landing with a thud which causes the escape pod to eject. This of course is the bathroom. The guys heckle Parker for the rough landing and that Grey is going kill him. Grey being in the bathroom is startled because of his second landing.   The guys catch Grey with his pant down literally and reading a Muscle Bros magazine.  The joking and heckling begins.  After further inspection the radio is dead and the ship is done for. What do our “heroes” do next? They head into a base sitting in the rocks that’s functioning on emergency power… great idea to go along with the other rash decisions.

 This just leads them to more confined space which finds our group all trying to fit through the same door they’re so scared because they don’t want to be the last one through. Parker being the first to break through doesn’t see what the other see right behind him. He turns around to see dead people and screams in horror. Hearing an eerie howl and growl they finally see what is happened to the dead and we finally see an alien. When running from the alien the door controls get hit and trap Parker and the Modi on the same side as the alien. In an effort to open the doors to rescue them all they can do is turn on the privacy glass.  Grey tries to Fonzi it and kicks the control to open the door. It just seals it more and renders them useless. 

The alien focuses his attack right before the final pounce it impales itself on a broken bar from the crumbled roof.  The team splits Grey, Lawrence, and Kim head their way back to the drop ship for radio contact and help while Parker and Modi look for a way out. As they are waiting they find the security system screen and see Presley and the marines fighting off the Aliens. Parker contacts Presley and all she can relay is they need help and radio out further because they only have local frequencies.  Parker is going to help, but not do what he was asked of course.

The story is written well enough but I feel it misses details. This being the second issue with many characters it would have been to mention names again of all the characters, instead I had to reread the first issue and find the one time that Parker’s friend’s name is mentioned. There isn’t much depth just Parker trying to impress Presley. The jokes fall a little better this issue but they’re still reaching. I know Lawrence is there for off the wall humor and he does have a good line here there; an example would be when the alien attacks “Don’t worry Kim has a chair”.  After reading I feel it would work better as an animated series more than a comic book.  The art isn’t spectacular but isn’t horrible either. The alien felt a little unfinished more like a concept art piece. Because of that it stands out because everything else seems more detailed.

This issue and series has been a pass for me; maybe I’ve grown up a bit don’t find this style of comedy funny. I see this as a late, late night cartoon that catches a very specific audience.  I’m glad to see it’s not really a spoof of other movies and series, but incorporates the elements.  

Score: 2/5

Writer: Paul Scheer & Nick Giovannetti

Artist: Manuel Bracchi

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/10/13