Review: Curse of the Mumy #1

Actor Bill Mumy puts himself into this comic book for an adventure involving the son of Hitler hidden on his moon base plotting to eradicate 75% of the world’s population.

Mumy works for a clandestine operation and answers a video call from a hooded figure that tips the hero off to the “Wolf Cub,” the codename for Hitler’s Son.  With that news, Mumy goes into action.

The title character does not have to fight this battle powerless.  He can channel a series of different heroes frozen in suspended animation in his basement.  When he does utilize those figures including an alien, a multi-dimensional being, space children, and such, he gathers clues regarding the villain’s plot.

Ron Stewart’s artwork harkens back to the EC Comic’s mode of bright pastel colors and detailed faces.  The cover reveals that style with its three character bubble features along the right spine.  Granted the artwork falters at points.  On page three Bill and Eileen walk into a room, but the illustration looks as though they are sprinting in from the hall.  Also, when Bill wakes up in a cold sweat from his apocalyptic dream, he looks covered in smallpox instead of moisture.

Art aside, the story lacks anything new or refreshing.  Bill Mumy does not brand himself quite like the gregarious presence of the members of Kiss in their own comic, which just happens to supersede the band’s infamous stage ego to tell a damn good story.

Intended to be good characterization, the book opens with Mumy over-tipping his waiter and being recognized by a valet. 

Such masturbation should be done at home, Mr. Mumy. 

The book has the possibility to be fun and tongue-in-cheek, but the whole story comes off as stale as the title character paints himself to be the perfect do-gooder.  He goes way overboard, and the story suffers.  There’s no great cliffhanger to lure back those who may wish to read issue two. 

I honestly picked this book because I thought it was a horror title.  Thankfully, I will not make that mistake again.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Bill Mumy

Artist: Ron Stewart

Publisher: Blue Water Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/10/13