Review: Clone #5

The craziness that is Clone continues is this issue as several plot lines move towards conclusion, but nothing is developed enough to end completely just yet. There were definitely a few turn of events in this issue that made it notable and if you’ve been reading since the beginning then you’ll really enjoy it. Even though the plot doesn’t move very quickly for this series, it does a fantastic job of getting its hooks into you for the next issue. It’s a series that’s hard not to enjoy.

If you missed the last issue, it’s incredibly difficult not to spoil the ending by even talking about this issue. If you want to go in fresh then this is your last chance to skip ahead to the sixth paragraph where I talk about the writing and such.

Foss and Patrick are dead, like, fell to their deaths, brains splattered on the pavement dead. Foss’ girl Jennifer stands above their bodies while the government(?)/private military(?) goons shoot around her completely missing. Jennifer’s emotions get the best of her as she charges at the soldier dudes coming with tears in her eyes. Luke sees this from the helicopter that has his “father” on board and he decides that he’s not leaving her behind. We cut back to Jennifer as she finally takes some damage after killing nearly all of the men. The helicopter lowers enough for Luke to grab her and somehow with a useless arm and leg she climbs a rope ladder suspended from a moving helicopter. Teary eyed, Jennifer grabs Luke’s face (which is Foss’ face as well) and thanks him for saving her. Daddy dearest looks down at the two clones with splattered brains and grows a bit sad.

After that we finally meet the President and it’s a woman. Not only did that catch me by surprise, but she’s a pretty kick ass character. Her and the shady dick-head that’s been threatening the VP have a conversation in which he assures her that the VP will vote the way they want him to and not break from the party. We then cut to the VP’s daughter in the hospital as she crashes and the doctor’s fight to keep her alive.

I’ve grown to love the ridiculousness of this story and I don’t mean that as a slam or to say that it’s all ridiculous. There are just moments like the helicopter rope ladder segment that your brain doesn’t really process as long as you keep moving through the story, but if you stop… you’ll see it. There’s another such scene in which “Dad” and all his “sons” put up tombstones for the two dead clones Patrick and Foss. We can tell that the ground has been disturbed which makes no sense, since they don’t have the bodies and we have no idea what they put on the tombstones. Also if they’re putting up tombstones… someone should start counting that warehouse because there’s a lot of dead guys in there.

Otherwise, I really do enjoy the story. It has its problems, but it’s entertaining and interesting enough that I always come back for more. This issue really takes the story to a turning point where something major has to happen in the next issue and I have no idea what it will really be. The cliffhanger for this issue will need to be dealt with, but it’s not something that can be resolved in an issue or two. This issue was good, but I have a feeling the next issue will be better.

Juan Jose Ryp continues to kick ass and I’m glad to see he’s continuing with this series. He really is a deal breaker at this point because if he’s replaced with a lesser talent it would be unreadable. Flipping through Image’s website though it looks like he’s on the book for quite a while, also I would not recommend flipping through Image’s site as the covers can be spoilerish to the story.

If you’re digging this series then continue buying it as the formula and pacing don’t appear to be changing any time soon. If you’re just jumping onto the series then you may want to grab back issues first or wait until the next issue. This is definitely the best new title from Skybound in a while.

Score: 4/5

Writer: David Schulner

Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Publisher: Skybound and Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 3/27/13