Review: Transformers Spotlight – Bumblebee (One-Shot)

I have mixed feelings about this comic book.  Going in, I remember my sister buying me my very first Transformer, and it was Bumblebee.  Then I recalled the fact that the typical IDW Transformers comic book has a terrible imbalance of 98% dialogue to 2% action.

Nevertheless, I needed to move forward and hope that something great has transpired to rekindle my nostalgia.  The Bumblebee in this version of the Transformers story has the look of the movie version.  This one, however, can talk and give orders.  That’s right--Bumblebee leads the Autobot faction on Earth in Optimus Prime’s absence.

The premise of the issue follows a simple set-up.  Bumbleebee and some of the Protectobots search for some of the left over Decepticons.  Meanwhile, the famous yellow Autobot questions his abilities as a leader.  The other problem existing is that Prowl acts like a bitch and undercuts Bee’s orders.

In the most interesting part of the comic, Bee confronts Thundercraker at an airport.  The Decepticon plane offers some interesting insight, and John Barber gave a great bit of characterization.  I liked the interaction between the two because Thundercracker and his fellow Decepticons always had a singular dimension to their character.  We readers get a look at a warrior fatigued by the battles and seeking refuge.

Very interesting.

The action picks up when Bee finds out that the ‘Cons have a spacebridge operating.  The bad news is that the Protectobots and the Stunticons make an appearance, yet they never combine.  How do you have a comic where there are combining robots that never combine?

I have to give this comic a 3 out of 5, but it’s a strong 3--like a 3.9 kind of 3.  Compared to the typical IDW Transformer comic book that’s like scoring a 5.  So enjoy this story of the Autobot’s most diminutive warrior.

Score: 3/5

Writer: John Barber

Artist: David Daza

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 3/27/13