Review: The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #2

How dark and distant can your life get after war?  How do the things you see affect your life? Here we see how the cursed six guns affect one life in poetic fashion.

Four men are looking over an ambush and a camp that was left in haste.  Digging through the dirt Ben finds a pocket watch of the General.  This is a pocket watch was a gift from Missy and the General would never leave it behind. That shows an obvious struggle because it was found in the hand of a fellow soldier.  With the Gun the general owns he should have seen this coming, but maybe the Gun has turned on him. They believe this isn’t true because these are sent from heaven itself. Ben later finds this out to be false. His body is riddled with sickness. The bartended won’t even touch the coin he uses to buy a drink.  The bartender suggests he takes the glass and bottle go to the alley where the “gentlemen” drink.   While back in the alley Bill shows up with a present for Ben, the gun. Ben sold it to get rid of his curse. Bill shoves it back in Ben’s face explaining his plans and where to meet to bring the Brothers-in-Arms back together, but for what purpose it’s still to be seen.

Ben finds refuge in the stable of a kind stranger with just one request: that he covers his face so he doesn’t spook the horses. As Ben stays in this town his heart finds a soul he longs for, Claire. Claire has captured Ben’s heart and he can only gaze upon her. He writes a letter everyday leaving it for her explaining how he feels and how he is a cursed soldier for what he has done.  Claire is convinced that he is a hero and shouldn’t feel this shame for what he has done.  Claire is searching for her Ben high and low in stores and on the street.  Finally she believes she has found her stranger, the mystery that enters the stables every night.  Claire walks in calling for Ben and is broken hearted at the sight she has seen.

The tale is a captivating one even it isn’t full of gunslingers and quick-draw action.  It shows a softer side to one of the character that is known for being a killer. Sure it’s not really a new story but how it ends takes a unique twist on it. Most of the narration is portrayed in the letters as bits and pieces of paper which works well and adds depth.  You can feel the sickness and disease by the reaction of the others around him. The artist does an amazing job keeping his head and face shrouded in mystery and making a faceless character have personality.  On a final note, that cover is one of the best I’ve seen; it’s a piece art by itself.

This is a mini-series worth picking up. It shows how the guns and their carriers reflect each other. It also has me hooked to where it’s going and how it ties to the history of the cursed six. Western stories are the one medium in story telling that is all open and can be hard to reflect. This is well written with engaging characters, history and mystery that will keep you coming back.

Score: 4/5 

Writers: Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

Artist: Brian Churilla

Publisher: Oni Press

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 3/27/13