Review: Death Force #3

This is going to be a short and weird review. Mostly because I don’t really need to review the issue. It’s basically just a lot more of the same with a twist at the end. It has all the same beats as the second issue and still manages to be a decent homage to Spawn and X. That’s the short part. The weird part is that I still kind of wanted to review this book just so that it’s not forgotten. Because the crazy thing is, as average as it is, it’s one of the better series to come out of Zenescope in a long while. There’s no T’n’A selling this book, just a dude with a pretty cool design (could use more blood on the armor and mask) and a story that you’ve read before. Hell, in thinking about there’s elements of The Crow here as well.

Death Force #3And yet it’s still enjoyable to read. The dialogue isn’t exposition heavy with the exception of one character and the pacing is fast. It’s a fast read and that’s too it’s benefit. If it were an amazing comic it would completely distract you from the obvious influences. It’s average, but an average comic is still worth the purchase and hell 90% of Marvel books are average or below average in my opinion.

The art is a bit better than average. They struggle with vehicles, but then a lot of artists do. There is some T’n’A on the first couple of pages and it’s terribly out of place. I still don’t know why the reporter is sneaking around wearing a beanie while wearing a long-sleeved shirt that exposes her midriff, but these two weird examples are the only short-comings in the art department. It honestly feels like an old habit of Zenescope’s rather than something the artist would have gone to naturally.

There’s just enough here to keep me reading and that’s saying something. Of course, a statement like that needs context. If you don’t know, a comic book site such as this gets these books for review for free. Meaning all the books you see and more are supplied to us each week in the hope that we’ll give it praise or just attention. Meaning I have more books than I know what to do with. That’s not to exclude the indie titles and graphic novels from book publishers that we’re also sent. All in all, to get me to come back for another issue is a task. So if I read it twice or come back even more… it’s worth it. Even if it’s average.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artist: Marc Rosete
Colorist: Walter Pereyra
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Price: $3.99
Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital