Review: Drifter #3

Compared to the last issue very little actually happens in the third installment of Drifter and yet… I kind of liked it more. I mean I really liked the last issue, but there is just something about this issue that grabbed me. It could be the fact that we’re shown the day-to-day of the planet as things have settled in for our mystery man Pollux. The issue opens up with Pollux trying to buy a gun. He doesn’t have shit to buy it with though so after a humorous discussion with the maker he’s off. Outside they’re wrangling up workers, for what Pollux doesn’t know, but he’s on board for whatever. From there he finds himself underground going through tunnels with two other workers. They’re mining worm shit as Pollux puts it and he’s not exaggerating when he says that. We meet a new creature called Wheelers. One of the workers, Chuck, tells Pollux that there’s something chemical about the Wheelers that make the two species not sit well with each other. Pollux asks if they’re there to mine shit as well, but learns that Wheelers are higher up on the food chain given that they’re stronger and faster than five of him put together.

There’s an interesting B-plot involving the pastor from the first issues, but what he has to do with the overall storyline is beyond me. It does likely mean that the Sherriff will play a role in the next issue though and her presence was missed in this issue.

Drifter-#3-1-21-15Without spoiling it, there is a scene at the end involving Pollux’s crew and the Wheelers. It’s a simple scene, but it’s incredible in execution. It also made me want more of this story sooner rather than later. The reason the scene is so incredible is because of how average it is. This is an average work day on this planet and it’s great. There’s nothing special other than Pollux not knowing what he’s doing and inadvertently causing trouble.

Ivan Brandon impresses with the scene because it happens with very little build up, there’s only a half mention of what to expect. But then BANG, it just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Everyone is left helpless and if you’ve ever felt that then you know it’s a terrible feeling, but oh what an amazing thing to make the reader feel. Brandon is really impressive on this issue because he’s able to do that to the reader.

Equally impressive is Nic Klein who continues to bring this world to life. His art is far from ordinary and yet he’s able to build an average day with the art. I really enjoy the layouts that he pics. In particular the opening with the pastor was simple and yet cinematic. More so it leaves you curious as to what to expect. It’s a stunning book to look at and occasionally I’m sucked so far in that I forget that I’m not on the planet with these characters.

I don’t know if this is Image’s best title, but it’s definitely one of their best. We’re just three issues in and I’m already clamoring for more. What’s impressive as hell is the fact that again, nothing really happens in this issue compared to the last. Sure there’s some story elements introduced and a bit of a cliffhanger, but compared to issue two… it’s simple. Yet it’s also my favorite issue in the series now.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ivan Brandon Artist: Nic Klein Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 1/21/15 Format: Print/Digital