Review: Zombie Tramp #6

I kind of thought that the last issue was starting a new story arc and maybe it is, but this issue isn’t a continuation from the last other than the mention of the werewolf we meet back in issue #5. Instead it’s really a one-shot filler issue and nothing new happens. Janey stumbles upon a fight club after using a spell to make the guards do what she wants including some dancing. The spell isn’t explained so it comes across as convenient writing rather than a cool new spell added to her arsenal. At the fight club itself, Janey finds a bunch of illegal immigrants being forced to fight in pretty ridiculous costumes. Eventually she gets hungry and shows her true form which gets her thrown in to the fights. Of course she wins, but by doing pretty much the same things she did to beat the King at the end of issue #4.

Zombie_Tramp_06_cleanWhile the story was fun, it does nothing for the overall series. It is the definition of a filler issue because the plot isn’t effected by the issue and if you were to skip it, well you’d be fine really. If you’re a fan of gore and odd fitting humor then you’ll dig the issue. There were some jokes that really felt forced rather than natural to the story.

This marks the second issue in which a new artist has come on board. Anna Lencioni’s style is very cartoonish. It’s not a bad fit for the title and definitely feels at home with this particular story, but it’s not my favorite. It doesn’t quite capture the look of the series and I don’t know if Lencioni’s art would be believable when the series hits those serious moments. One thing I didn’t particular like was how animated Janey’s facial expressions were while in human form. She’s still a zombie and still learning so I always like when she’s still stiff at times. It was just too much and lost the core of the character.

If you’re a fan of the series then there’s no reason you won’t like this issue, but if you’re waiting for something new to happen… well keep waiting. If this is your first experience with the series, it’s going to be a bit hollow. Hopefully the next issue will really get into the story and not just have Janey driving from town to town on a hog reanimating all the people she’s killed.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin Artist: Anna Lencioni Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/21/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital