Review: Fanboys vs. Zombies #13

Last time we ended Fanboys vs. Zombies the crew was looking for a group of scientist rumored to be working on a cure for the zombies. Instead the crew found no signs of humans but only weird looking pods with NASA’s logo all over them. We also found out that Kurt can’t be trusted. I don’t know what his ulterior motive is but what is he going to accomplish with hurting the only people left in a three state radius. The group trusted Kurt so fast makes making them the good guys. If a zombie apocalypse occurred you know trust would be the last thing humans would offer.

This issue was set up with the events happening in flashback style. Everything was backwards. It was a cool take because all we first see is Burger, Amanda, and Kurt in space. The scientists are shown enjoying themselves in their space world. Once they see the crew arriving, the main scientist warns the group that if any have been bitten on that ship then all must die. This part reminds me of the account in World War Z where that one guy is in space for the whole zombie attack. Kurt has a revolution and realizes that while killing these zombies the crew may be killing the people inside them too. Burger thinks that because J-Mac got bit and he became immune from a kiss transfusion there may be a cure. Kurt decides that they need to test this theory out. Kurt wants a cure so bad that he is willing to save some zombies over it which leads to the real reason of why he is so compassionate towards zombies now.

Brendan and Rob are fighting over Jenna. Literally fighting which is so ridiculous since Jenna has said over and over that she hates macho males who threaten each other over her. Must be tough. The guys stop for a second only to see one of the pods flying out of their atmosphere.

We get no word of Kyle and Missy so I am starting to think that they are planning something on their own in order to take down Kurt. Kyle has become a favorite of mine especially since he thinks he has game when it comes to killing zombies but Amanda has to save his ass every time.

This issue missed the mark on some stuff like where was all the action. I wanted to see more zombie battle and not so much Brendan and Rob fighting. I also missed a lot of the fanboy jokes. That is what made this comic so entertaining to me at first and this issue has gone lackluster. Lots of big plot points happened in this issue though. I can see lots of changes about to happen between friends and the zombies attackers.

I don’t know how I feel about the whole going into space bit too but I will roll with it for now. It seems too overkill in order to experience the whole fanboy part of it.  Like I have said before this comic isn’t ground breaking but I enjoy the read. It is my one cheat where I don’t have to remember every detail of the past in order to understand the gist: zombies get heads ripped off by a group of geeks. Perfection.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Shane Houghton

Artist: Jerry Gaylord

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13