Review: Fight Like A Girl #4

It’s a great feeling as a reader and reviewer to know that you “got” something. In the case of Fight Like A Girl #4, it’s what I’ve been saying all along. I won’t resay it here because then that would start the review with a hell of a spoiler. Again the issue starts with our two love birds and it continues to add a layer of emotion that we don’t get to see from Amarosa while she’s in the trials. The trial itself is against a giant creature with a city on its back. That’s all I really need to say about that. The real meat and potatoes comes at the end which was definitely enough to bring me back for more. This does however mark the end of the first volume which is kind of a bummer.

Now because I want this to be a discussion as much as a review I’m going to spoil the ending. If that’s not your thing jump ahead to where I talk about the art, but again let’s discuss the ending.

Fight Like A Girl #4 CoverI don’t know who the hell that woman is at the end, but she better be dudes sister and not his side girl because I will be manically pissed. Also the gods are really assholes as they continue to slowly test Amarosa while her brother is basically minutes away from death. I don’t know what to expect from the ending, but logically she fails her brother, but somehow succeeds for herself at the end? I don’t know, which is the joy of continuing to read because you find out, but I’m curious as to how others took this cliffhanger as it left me with mixed emotions.

Otherwise the writing was as consistent as the first issue. It didn’t grow or get stronger as the series went on, but I imagine it was written all at once. Hopefully the second volume we’ll see David Pinckney flex his muscles and elevate the story even further. I like the world, I like the character, but now you need to make me love them.

Soo Lee kills it on art again. I wish I had something new to say about the art, but I just reviewed the third issue so other than saying “she’s still great” nothing comes to mind. Do I want to see her grow with the next volume as well? For sure, but really I think she already is evolving as an artist.

Should you check out this series? For sure. It’s fun, it has heart and it’s entertaining. It has a strong lead character on a noble hero’s journey and while it’s not breaking the mold of that journey it is adding its own spin. Check out the back issues or pre-order the trade.

Score: 3/5

Fight Like A Girl #4 Writer: David Pinckney Artist: Soo Lee Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/25/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital