Review: Henchmen Inc. #2

Well if this isn’t the month for long-awaited returns of some of my favorite MonkeyBrain titles! Unlike The October Girl, I don’t remember when I last read Henchmen Inc., just that I liked it and was ready for more. It’s also pretty clear to me that when you’re producing a comic digitally the audience is far more forgiving (at least I am) when it comes to delays. Hell sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with all these titles and welcome the break. With that let’s dive into Henchmen Inc. #2. As a refresher the story is about Finch, a career criminal that has gotten out of the slammer to find his ex-girlfriend pregnant with his child. After trying to go straight and finding the system against him, his friend turns him onto a sweet gig and he becomes a henchman for hire.

The premise is great because the henchmen are actually a company with benefits, a tuition reimbursement program and great lawyers. They bounce around between different assignments as we see in the opening pages when a Green Arrow looking dude takes on a Captain Cold looking dude. Finch and his friend Dex are Sno Brand henchmen for the moment and while the villain fights the hero they get away with the cash. They don’t get to keep it, but their success ensures they get paid.

Henchmen_Inc_02-1The problem is Finch hasn’t told his ex-girlfriend. He’s told her that he’s changed and in a way he has. He’s still committing crimes, but now his risk is lower. After the Sno Brand job he receives a text that she wants to meet. Problem is, Finch has one more gig and it might just get him put in the slammer.

I like the charm of this story. Finch isn’t a bad guy per say. He breaks the law, but as the first issue showed us the deck was stacked against him. I don’t know how long a story like this can go on and remain interesting, but for now it has my attention. I want to know what’s going on with the mystery that develops in this issue and I want to see if Finch can smooth things out with the ex since you know she’s going to find out about the job one way or another. But is it that bad of a job?

That’s the interesting part I suppose and maybe that’s what writer Tim Simmons is asking us as he dances all over the moral line. Your compass isn’t going to find north reading this comic and it shouldn’t. It really is a great look at the morality of superheroing and also our society as there are plenty of real world comparisons to make.

The art is poppy and bright. Jim McMunn’s artwork does and doesn’t fit the genre. It’s like it’s cartoonish, but then also serious. It works though and nothing I’ve said is meant as a slam. I like the look, I like the homage to other characters because they’re not the stars. They’re just set pieces and a way for our henchmen to change costume and that’s a charming element of the story.

Anyone that’s read and enjoyed a superhero comic at one point in their life should check out Henchmen Inc. as it takes a comedic and dramatic look at a side of the genre rarely looked at. Hell a lot of comics don’t even have henchmen anymore… but maybe they should.

Score: 4/5

Henchmen Inc. #2 Writer: Tim Simmons Artist/Colorist: Jim McMunn Letterer/Colorist: Brant Fowler Publisher: MonkeyBrain Comics Price: $0.99 Release Date: 2/25/15 Format: Digital