Review: Godzilla Half-Century War #5

We left off issue four with some nasty space kaiju, Gigan and King Ghidorag, coming to challenge Godzilla for the crown of King of the Monsters.

The two monsters have decimated the planet.  The humans have readied a new MechaGodzilla to fight back.  Murakami commandeers the mechanical kaiju and uses it to fight alongside with Godzilla.

Stokoe keeps the dialogue brief, the action tight, and the illustrations beautiful.  Check out his rendering of King Ghidorah to see what I mean by that.

In an ending that bittersweet and climactic, Stokoe ends his run on this, the best Godzilla series ever published by IDW.  We can only hope that the good sales on this book will guarantee Stokoe a monthly book. 

Stokoe knows how to write and illustrate a damn good Godzilla story. 

If you didn’t get the individual issues, be certain to check the trade paperback when it becomes available.  This is not only a good Godzilla comic book, but a good comic book in general.

So sad to see this one end.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Art: James Stokoe

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/3/13