Review: Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood (One-Shot)

Who would you pick? Robyn Hood or Red Riding Hood. Riding Hood has the trickster mind thing going for her but Robyn has a bow and arrow. Yeah, definitely Robyn for me. This comic is from Grimm Fairy Tales and it offers an epic battle between two of the most popular fairy tales. The comic was good. It wasn’t fantastic but at the end it teases that Robyn Hood will have a new series coming out in May. So it was a good opening before her follow up title gets released. I was a little disappointed with the ending and wish the comic would have dug deeper into the history between these two characters. Especially for being a one-shot it fell short in some areas.

Britney Waters or Red Riding Hood and Robyn Locksley or Willow, are our two main characters. They live on earth now trying to fit in with society, but still processing powers they both received in the land of Myst. Riding Hood is after Robyn because she has murdered King John and his sheriff then she robbed a bank and no one has been able to find her since. Riding Hood takes this time to stalk Robyn. Did I mention Riding Hood owns a wolf? Yeah, she totally owns a badass wolf. Robyn is the mysterious girl type, who I think everyone will favor when reading this comic. Riding Hood knows Robyn is the killer and then the issue just turns into a full on battle until the last three pages.

The battling is pretty sweet though. I always prefer strength and old time weapons compared to huge explosions. Anyone can fire a tank, not a lot of people can master archery. We find out that one of Riding Hood’s powers is controlling animals. This is pretty sweet when she uses her powers to convince the crazy cat lady’s felines to attack Robyn and even uses her wolf at one point too. They battle it out and Robyn realizes that Riding Hood is only trying to get rid of a murderer not avenge the King’s death.

Robyn is pretty funny in this comic. She always uses her humor in the most awkward situations, again making her the favorite. Robyn tries to reason with Riding Hood who is just not having it. Riding Hood is getting very angry with herself and anger only makes her turn into a werewolf. This brings more of the fairy tale into the story. Like I said we don’t get an inside look at their history, why they changed, or how they go in-between worlds.

This comic is a quick read and a good introduction to the new Robyn comic coming out. I would get it if you were a diehard fan but otherwise just pass. Wait for Robyn to come out and see where her story goes or pick up her first series in the meantime.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Pat Shand

Artists: David Cutler & JG Miranda

Publisher: Zenescope

Price: $5.99

Release Date: 4/3/13