Review: Repossessed #4 (of 4)

Long ago Kevin and I dubbed cool endings that don’t necessarily end happily, the “fuck you” ending. Sometimes they’re a twist ending and other times it’s just a realistic outcome that no one saw coming because they’re so preconditioned to expect the happy ending. I did not see this ending coming and I have to say that it was pretty kick ass because of it. This issue does in fact have a “fuck you” ending, but you’ll have to see which type it is, but you can bet that it’s cool.

The other thing I really enjoyed about this issue was the fact that it comes full circle with the story. The entire issue felt like reading the first issue in a lot of ways and that’s a huge plus for the comic. It’s incredibly difficult to capture the same magic of a first issue with the ending. For that I applaud JM Ringuet for this issue. With that said I’m going to talk about the story a bit so spoiler warning ahead. It’s the last chapter so I’m going to spoil something, but the ending is all yours to discover.

Martha was possessed by a demon. I don’t know if I missed that somewhere in the beginning, but it was cool as shit to have her pour out the demon Gremory in the last issue. We pick up with Gremory facing off with Belzebuth. They’re battle is pretty damn epic and it results in the decapitation of Gremory which shocks Martha and rattles her to her core. Belzebuth claims victory in an instant, but he still has Clay to deal with. Okay, that’s all I’m saying, but there is a ton left of this issue to read and discover.

I believe I said on my first review that I don’t typically gravitate towards the demon genre, but I absolutely love what Ringuet has created here. It bypasses the end times Armageddon stuff and focuses on a story filled with only demons. I will say that the world was far more interesting than the characters, but I still enjoy Clay, Joe and Martha due to their role in pushing the plot forward. Also without them we wouldn’t have nearly as cool of an ending.

The art is definitely one of the high points of the entire series. The demon battle is gory, bloody and all in all epic. Belzebuth is missing an eye, covered in blood and he’s still raging on. It was an awesome battle to open the issue on and the ending only adds to it. Seriously though, I enjoy Ringuet’s demon designs so much. They’re really spectacular and would look great on a heavy metal T-Shirt or even a poster, that’s for sure.

If you missed this series then you really missed out on something cool. This was a fantastic mini-series that was well-plotted and while it had its lulls, overall it was a great and entertaining ride. I don’t know if Ringuet has more planned for this world or not; if he does then I’ll be there to check it out, but if not I’ll be there to check out his next project regardless. Check this series out if your shop didn’t carry it then they should still be able to order it.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: JM Ringuet

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/3/13