Review: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto – E.01

I can’t for the life of me figure out what the point of this show is and where the story is possibly going. The premise is that Sakamoto is amazing in everything that he does. The men hate him, but secretly love how cool he is and the women just love him. There’s three short stories for the first episode. The first is Sakamoto being bullied by three classmates, but the fail miserably. In the end, they start a fire and he tricks them into making a lot of noise for a teacher to come, but then doesn’t let them take the blame. One of them takes a picture of him and decides to make it his phone’s background. The best part was watching the same animation of the three thugs playing volleyball and talking over and over, but only because they admit that Sakamoto stole their heart and the animation was on a bad loop.

CYuQJXfUwAAy0xSThe second story is Sakamoto versus the wind and a sparrow. The sparrow ends up getting hit by something and he saves the bird in a ridiculous manner. The third story is another boy that’s jealous of Sakamoto and decides to become the class clown since he can’t compete… but his jokes suck. He too, falls for Sakamoto’s charms.

Again… I have no idea what this show is doing and where it’s going. If it’s just going to continue with stories like this, boredom is already setting in. This was a fun episode, but I didn’t learn anything about the character that wasn’t explained to me within the first two minutes of the episode. He’s always “on”, I get that. He’s the best and can never be fooled. He’s cool no matter what which makes him completely made up and un-relatable.

Where is the story going? I find a lot of anime fails to answer this on the first episode. The expect you to just enjoy the ride and come back for the first six episodes which is usually one story arc. The problem is, when you don’t answer that question or at the very least tease the answer… I don’t want to come back for more. For example, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress doesn’t specifically answer this question, but it gave enough info that you’ll come back for the second episode to get more. That and the premise and world building is tremendous… with I’m Sakamoto, the world is built-in the opening and the character development is done there as well. It’s just wacky jokes that while fun, wear thin after a few minutes. It would work as a weekly manga because you’d only get a small portion of it and never really get tired of it, but never really look forward to it either.

I’ll check out the second episode, but only to see if it’s going to even attempt something with the story or if it’ll just be the first episode with different situations over and over again.

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