Review: Holy F*ck #2

Okay I hate that asterisk in the title so you will see me refer to this book uncensored which should come as no surprise on a site called “Comic Bastards.” Okay I don’t really use the name a lot so he’s an obligatory Holy Fuck. I’ve been waiting for this issue for what seems like ever. That’s the curse of the early review which is why it’s been a while for me but hopefully my review helped all of you buy this series which since its first issue has been picked up for a sequel… Holy Fucked!

The story is that Jesus and Satan have found each other again and a lot of tonguing is involved. Our Nun seems to be okay with this for the most part which is weird right? Maybe she’s into it I don’t know. The gist is that Satan knows all about the other Gods and their plan and he explains it to our savior and vision having Nun.

Holy-Fuck-#2-1I wish there was more to say about the story. Things progress and we see how this issue feeds into the ending we saw the start of in the first issue. Not much else happens… which isn’t a bad thing, but the issue overall felt a little light on content. There were some good jokes, but overall there wasn’t the same punch that the first issue had. I felt like I couldn’t stop laughing with that issue while this issue I was only getting a chuckle here and there. Which is fine since it can’t be “on” like that the entire time, but with what felt like a short story paired with a lack of jokes I was over and done with this issue really quickly.

The chuckles I did get were worth the price of admission of course so thank you Nick Marino for that. Satan in particular offers a great joke near the end of the issue about his butthole that was funny. In some ways he reminds me of Roger from American Dad and that’s a very good thing.

The art is still on point. Daniel Arruda Massa has a refined style and nothing looks out of place or unintentional. It’s just very cartoonish looking, but in a great way. If this was illustrated like Bryan Hitch all the jokes would take on different meanings and I would hate it. Massa’s style may not contain an excess of details, but its complex with what details he chooses to include and which he leaves out. He also illustrates for Satan (which is weird to type) and its childish looking which makes it funnier.

This is definitely a book you want to talk about. It makes the enjoyment all the more and even just writing about it I’m reminded of things that have me laughing again. Is it a powerhouse like the first issue? No, but it’s a good follow-up and it will definitely have me back for the rest of the series.

Score: 3/5

Holy F*ck #2 Writer: Nick Marino Artist: Daniel Arruda Massa Publisher: Action Lab/Danger Zone Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/4/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital