Trailer Time: Casting Me...

Casting Me... is being billed as Clerks meets The 40 Year Old Virgin... I get the Clerks part because it's trying really hard in that regard, but I don't really see the 40 Year Old Virgin part. It's from South Africa so at times it's difficult to understand what people are saying especially when the music bed kicks in a little to high. I doubt I would ever watch this even for free, but maybe you're going through black & white Clerk withdrawals and need a something trying desperately to fill that void.


Set against the backdrop of a casting agency, Casting Me..., a hilarious comedy from South Africa, is one part Clerks, one part 40 Year Old Virgin and one part "Extras".  This semi-autobiographical feature from writer/director Quinton Lavery - an Official Selection of 2012 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival and 2012 Cape Winelands Film Festival -- makes its digital debut on iTunes, Amazon, Google and Vudu, only from IndiePix Films.  Paul (well-known South African host/comedian Paul Snodgrass) is a frustrated but likeable Casting Director who has dreams of finally making his own feature film.  This is his life: his girlfriend Chloe (Roxanne Prentice) has broken up with him, he hates his job although he has great colleagues in Rueben (Ralph Kossew) and Janet (Simone Cagnazzo) and he lives in a flat with his friend, the gay computer nerd, Nic (Jonathan Hearns). To get his life on track again and win back his girlfriend he decides to make a film about his job, love life and all the funny things that happen behind the scenes at the casting agency.  Will he succeed?  Find out in CASTING ME, which has been called "a lesson in low-budget filmmaking" and "relatable and quite endearing".

PROGRAM INFORMATION Running Time: 97 mins. Genre:  Comedy Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (2.35:1) For the latest breaking news on CASTING ME and other releases, follow IndiePix Films on Facebook ( and Twitter  (

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