Review: House of Gold & Bone #1

Now this is a book I was very much anticipating, heavy metal icon Corey Taylor (of Slipknot/Stone Sour for the unenlightened) has made his official first foray into comicdom. I'll be straight up that I am definitely of the Slipknot> Stone Sour mindset, so I know this comic is based on Stone Sour's fourth album which will be a double concept album but uh I don't listen to them so this all fresh to me.

The story starts off all artsy in the ether but then swiftly we see that our narrator is a dude in a jumpsuit with only the name tag "Zero" on the chest. I know, I know jumpsuits, weird shit, numbers alright “Slipknot Guy” but shut it because in context it works. We learn that dude is pretty much lost and not sure where the hell he is, if he's dreaming or even alive. A mysterious something or other (quite possibly the Creeping Bam that Boltie was so fond of) is suddenly on his heels and "Zero" is like uh sucka I'm outtie!!! Hauling ass he stumbles across a bizarre stone shack like something straight outta Ico (yeah I'm going for the high score in Nerd Culture references fuck you!) and comes face to face with his evil doppleganger, a chain smoking definitely not human despite his appearance (at times) apparition named "Allen."

Some cryptic chit chat and ominous what have you's and our "hero" is officially on a quest to get the fuck outta dodge before some bad cat named Black John and his "numbers" can catch up to "Zero". After successfully getting his plat-former action on through the weird ass terrain of "Where the Fuck Am I" shit gets real for our hero and we're left like "GODDAMMIT #8 HOW YOU GONNA LEAVE THIS CRAZY ASS STORY OFF LIKE THAT!!!"

The story despite the brevity of being confined to one issue sets itself up fairly well to draw us in, the narration is engaging and the dialogue is better than I expected despite the fact I am a big fan of Corey Taylor's lyrical ability. Too many metal artists foray into comics/movies/TV what have you and just way too overboard with trying to be hardcore and drop mad profanity for the sake of shocking people or some whack shit like that. This so far is actually done with just enough tact to make it all creepy but not cheesy which is already a big bonus in my book.

I think this issue really only has two real flaws, the art while not super terrible is also not great either. After a few pages when the story gets going the flaws in it stand out a lot less and fits the obtuse, eerie tone of the story so at least there's that. But we all know how nerds roll so the art is definitely going to draw out some serious bitching and bashing despite the fact those some foolios will indeed be buying the next issue just to figure out what the fuck is going on if nothing else.

The other downside is just that you really have no clue what is actually going on by the end, save bad guy is bad and don’t get your shit pushed in or what have you so despite its unique presentation it is not the most unique set up. It isn't terrible just a tad irritating to when you are actually engaged in the story and are racking your brains trying to put clues together. Still the downside could be much worse and really don't take too much away from the story if you're interested in giving this a once over.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Corey Taylor

Artist: Richard Clark

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13