Review: Judge Dredd #6

I am so stoked for Dredd 2’s release in comic book form. Even though I love comics I would prefer a movie just because the most recent movie did something right with this comic adaptation, but nevertheless I am happy to hear that the fans have been heard. I am like really craving new Dredd action figures. Maybe there are new ones that I don’t know about so if there is please direct me to them. Otherwise someone needs to realize that there is a demand for Judge Dredd toys. Hint, hint.

This issue was a little slow moving. Dredd is dealing with an alcoholic robot that has gone haywire. Lee Preteen, a thrillie creator, is recording all of this with his helmet. He is a slave to mercenaries of Urban Garland Block. Dredd loses his gun so he only has a stick to fight off about twenty men. Easy peasy. Dredd gets away with Preteen and decides to see what is up with the robots of the cities. Preteen, having asked Dredd to ride along with him, is excited to be doing actual work with his idol.

The pair walks through different blocks seeing feeling the differences among them. Some blocks are extremely cold while others are like a sauna. Preteen is regretting following Dredd, but still has the camera attached to his helmet. He hopes to get a good story for his next novel out of this adventure. The two talk a lot, which is weird for me since Dredd is more of the action type comic. The whole thing just moved too slowly.

The couple moves into a block where commotion is happening and see that the robots are revolting against the humans. It seems that someone has reprogrammed the robots to rebel or maybe these robots are sick of waiting on stupid humans all day, either way Dredd has some work in front of him. Nothing else really happened. The comic ends with a cliff hanger so we can look forward to seeing how Dredd deals with the robots and who is behind this mess.

I really enjoy the cover for this issue though. I can’t praise these artists enough. I love the close-up of Dredd and blood spraying past his face. It shows what Judging is all about. Maybe I am exhausted from watching my cats nap all day but this comic was just average.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Duane Swierczynski

Artist: Nelson Daniel and Andrew Currie

Publisher: 2000 AD and IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13