Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders EP. 2: Who Will Be the Judge

It looks like it’s business as usual for JoJo, even after he’s learned that he is in possession of a powerful Stand (a ghostlike entity that kicks all kinds of ass) and he is fated to fight the most evil mofo on the planet named DIO (the man, not the band), has return and possessed his grandfather’s grandfather body…anywho it’s off to school. On the way to class JoJo is praised by six of his female classmates who all happen to think that JoJo is a hunky dreamboat. So much so they begin to bicker in a humorous fashion until JoJo shuts them up. As JoJo makes it down the stairs he suddenly receives a massive laceration on his knee from out of the blue and begins to tumble down a ridiculous amount of steps. Before he hits, he used his Stand ability to catch himself.

Then we are introduced to Noriaki Kakyoin, a man who also possesses a Stand of his own named, Heirophant Green. Who can possess people and unleash an Emerald Rain attack as his main method of attack.

Now in the nurse’s office, JoJo is having his leg tended to. As JoJo prepares himself to receive treatment the nurse starts to act strange. JoJo notices a ghostly tentacle draping down the nurse’s leg. He surveys the room and sees Noriak chilling in the window sill using his Stand’s abilities to control the nurse. The two men square off, destroying the nurse’s office in the process.

The second episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode entitled, “Who Will Be the Judge” slows everything down for about a second. Then it gives you the first real dose of Stand on Stand action that you’ve be waiting for. The battle between Noriaki Kakyoin and JoJo is pretty entreating and while it doesn’t blow the roof off the place it does an excellent job in easing the viewer into the physic that comes along with doing battle via a Stand.

Another take away was the color pallet changing while the two men were battling. It adds to the drama and actually put a sense of urgency into the fight. It gave a Manga type of feel that was very cool to witness. Sure you knew that JoJo was going to win with him being a novice with his Stand but how would the encounter change him? Will he improve with the Stand or will he be a slave to it almost how Noriaki was portrayed?

A running gag is how shitty JoJo treats his mother; I mean this guy is a real dick to her. Maybe he’s just an ass to women in general, he did go off on the girls at his school and he was pretty short with the nurse too. But for some reason it’s mildly amusing and does show some evolution as it put that touch of humanity to JoJo and keeps him from being an unbearable pompous bad ass that has to be cool all of the time.

Overall the second episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is a good one, it gives you an exciting and flashy opening to get you pumped but most importantly it keeps the story moving along nicely and slowly peels back more to reveal the crazy and thrilling world of six foot diesel looking guys with ghost powers kicking each other’s ass. What more do you need?

Score: 4/5

Directed by: Naokatsu Tsuda, Kenichi Suzuki

Written by: Yasuko Kobayashi

Studio: David Production

Release Date: 4/4/14 – Ongoing