Review: Monty’s World #4

Continuing with our coverage of Monty’s World is the last issue in the anthology. This final issue offers a preview at three series that will be coming from Will Lill later this year and all three are very different from each other. Once again I’m going to talk about the first and last story, but the second story “Mercury” is an interesting look on the take of heroes and anti-heroes. I’m only skipping it because summing it up wouldn’t really get the point across, but it’s definitely worth reading. The concept of the first story is freaking awesome. It’s called C.J. Walker, Bounty Hunter and of course is about a bounty hunter. What’s different about this world and story is that Detroit has been taken over by cosplayers. The concept of a cosplayer is different in this world; here it’s someone that has gone through extensive surgery to be the character of their dreams. There’s definitely some sci-fi/fantasy elements to the story as some people have super strength and what not. I really dug that concept.

The story is about C.J. as she’s looking for a woman cosplaying as a vampire and wanted for several murders. It seems simple, but C.J. quickly runs into cosplayers looking to jump her and others looking to prove their strength. Her target spots her and runs away, but what happens next is… strange. It’s a cool story though. I liked C.J.’s narration and the art was consistent. The cosplay was more on the safe side so you won’t see a lot of recognizable characters, but again that element and really the entire world is very interesting and entertaining.

montys_world04_dig.inddThe last story is called American Guard and it’s about a superhero of the same name. The catch is that he’s lost his memories. He’s chasing down a lead about the Crimson Wizard which is the man behind his amnesia. He runs into the Canadian Guard and they have a small fisticuffs moment.

The story was alright. I liked the characters and the twist to the story, but I didn’t understand how they were both apart of the Guard network without the Canadian Guard knowing who the American Guard was. Might just be a “we never met” situation, but it was still a strange hiccup in an otherwise interesting and entertaining story.

Good anthologies provide some of the best comics to read. Short-style stories are always difficult to make interesting, but when they’re done right you’re able to digest small bits of larger stories or just short and complete tales. Personally I always have time to check out an anthology and was very pleased with Monty’s World.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Jonathan A. Gilbert, Lloyd Smith Jr., John Helmer Artists: Lee Melton, Seppo Makinen, Paul Moore Publisher: Will Lill Comics Price: $3.50 – Print, $0.99 – Digital Release Date: 4/16/14 Website