Review: Mayoiga – E.01

I had no expectations going into Mayoiga, but part of me wanted something creepy and strange to watch this anime season. This wasn’t it. I don’t know what this is. It’s trying to be creepy. It’s trying to be dark. It’s trying. That’s the point. It’s trying.

Thirty people are on a tour bus going to a hidden town to start their lives again. They introduce themselves by their internet message board names… and right about then I was done. When a character introduced themselves as Soy Latte I laughed and wondered what was really happening.

Mayoiga Soy Latte


That’s the gist. They all want to start over and none of them are really being honest and no one knows what to expect from this new town. Some are taking it too seriously and others not enough. The bus drivers goes nuts listening to them all and gets puked on. Making me wonder why the fuck their going to a hidden town with a hired bus driver…

MayoigaMy favorite character was Jack… until he talked again. At first he just said his name and that was it. He won me over because of that. Which highlights the problem of their being too many fucking characters on the show and instead of taking a Lost approach and using the characters as needed, they introduce them all and then use way too many of them.

None of them do shit and we tend to follow on main guy and he seems normal, but as one character that’s weird and assholish points… he’s probably the one to look out for. Which I didn’t care about because I think we’re stuck following him no matter what.

The animation is fine, but the character designs are really uninspired. There’s a character you’ve seen from any other anime like this ever. Some of them are unusual looking and that made them stand out in a bad way, like the guy with the crazy chin and the eye patch… no joke.

The story is going for a Silent Hill vibe, but it fails miserably. There’s no atmosphere to the anime and every time there’s a chance it might build some it crushes it under the weight of its characters. It might get good when they all turn on it each other, but right now it’s so generic from its story to voice acting that it’s kind of a predictable mess.


[su_box title="Score: 2/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

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