Review: Mindfield #6

MFL1-06ab CORNER BOXThe first major story arc for Mindfield wraps up and frankly I haven’t kept up with the book since the first issue so I was a bit curious to see how it turned out. Our main characters are in a standoff in Nebraska to stop a psycho with his own mental powers from setting off a nuke in Minnesota’s Mall of America. That means the team with special mind abilities has split into two parts. One to stop the psycho and the other to find the warhead and frankly the latter of the two is pretty uninteresting. Connor’s side of the team is inches away from the mad man with his finger over the button, when he invades his mind. Then on the psychic plane he takes them out one by one leaving them in a vegetable state. It’s interesting to watch as Connor figures out how to tear apart each guy, either with brute force or invading their mind. In the end the team is successful, but it’s clear that Connor is still being torn apart in his own mind which makes him a real dick at times.

JT Krul packs this issue with adult content and makes one of the main characters a pedophile which was very strange. Granted I only read the first and sixth issue so it’s possible that there is some other explanation for this, but I doubt it. Krul’s concept is interesting (the overall story not the pedophile aspect), but ultimately not very fleshed out. He incorporates a lot of the military into the story, but without anything that resembles proper military procedure. The dialog is good for the most part, there is one scene at the end where Connor is taking and you’re supposed to bounce back and forth between the two pages but the problem is that one side is dialog bubbles and the other side is caption boxes which really breaks the flow when reading it.

The art was pretty good; since it took place a lot in people’s minds I would have been interested in seeing some more adventurous panels. Artist Alex Konat for the most part plays it safe with the art and storytelling. He’s very detailed with each page and does a very good job of drawing realistic back drops for the characters. They literally look and feel like the cities they’re supposed to be which is a nice touch to the story.

I’m not really sure if this is the last issue of Mindfield as Krul thanks the reader at the end, but it’s definitely set up to continue going. I would be interested in checking the series out again in hopes the Connor can grow more as a character and that the supporting cast can develop on the mental playing field as well so that there isn’t as heavy alliance on Connor to drive the story. Overall thought it was a decent read and since you’re going to have a huge hole in your reading schedule this week check it out and get use to Krul’s writing style as he’s working on several upcoming series.

Score: 3/5

Writer: JT Krul

Artist: Alex Konat

Publisher: Aspen Comics

Price: $2.99