Review: The Goon #35

The Goon #25It’s the Goon versus midgets, bearded ladies and well every other imaginable type of freak show out there. After getting run off the road the Goon and Franky decide to give the torso-man an ass kicking and chase after him into the woods. They clear a thick fog and come across a circus full of freaks both in the circus and attending it. After taking a look around they discover that the carnies are out for a bit of revenge against normal people and are subjecting them to all sorts of cruel acts and carnival games. The Goon has enough of it and frees a few people waiting to be drowned in the dunk tank. The Ringmaster of the circus arrives and asks them just who they think they are. The Goon tells him his name and before he can even introduce Franky, he’s cut off by the crowd that is collectively shitting their pants. That doesn’t stop them from attacking the Goon and soon an all-out battle is at hand. The Goon is beating everything in his path before the carnies release their secret weapon! Everyone else may be afraid of the Goon, but this creature is not.

This story is just a fun romp with only one lesson to learn, don’t mess with the Goon. Guest writer Evan Dorkin tells a simple story that is as offensive as it is funny. If you’re sensitive then please pass on this book, but if you can deal with the word “midget” without saying “little person” in your head then this book is going to strike a chord with you. Dorkin has a ton of great dialog both for the Goon and for Franky. It’s a real treat to have him writing the issue and hopefully he’ll guest writer future issues as well.

The story is hilarious and not to be taken serious at all. It cross every line it can and never once tries to be politically correct which is what’s so great about the issue. Because it’s a self-contained issue you don’t have to have read the other 34 issues, just this one and you can enjoy it from beginning to end. The Goon may only be a series of one-shots, but they’re some of the best one-shots comics have to offer. Now if you want to see the Goon beat up Midgets buy the issue!

Score: 4/5