Review: Mister X: Hard Candy (One-Shot)

I like the idea of one-shot comics. It allows readers to pick up an issue and get a full story without being lost with issue 1,092 of a series. Well that is exactly what Dean Motter brings in Mister X: Hard Candy. He revamps an old time character in the newest detective work by Mister X. I usually enjoy the idea of bringing old characters back to life. Especially ones that have paved the way for the comic book industry. I didn’t get that much exposure to comics, so it gives me a chance to learn about new characters and then go back to find their original comics.  It is a continuous circle of fanboy love. Does anyone get real excited too when you realize an issue has been written and drawn by the same guy? It gets me excited. It is like knowing every piece of the system and the author most times makes a name for himself very quickly.

The whole issue is a throwback to comic books. It gives me that old time feeling of sitting outside in the sun while drinking a pop (I am from the North).  Detective stories are always a fun way to wind down the day too. I can always get into a good cop show or comic. Mister X picks up right where he left off, trying to save his ruined city from his own creations that destroyed it. Tootsie has been taken hostage and her grandmother, Madame Friedkin, has enlisted Mister X to help find her. Of course she is no ordinary girl. Tootsie is the heir to the brain candy company, Friedkin Pharm. Obviously brain candy meaning psychological drugs.

Madame Friedkin isn’t particularly fond of Tootsie, but she is family and doesn’t want the company to be given to just anyone. Madame spends her days with various male acquaintances. Augustus is her male candy now which is gross considering she makes him wear a choker, which no man should be subjected too. Mister X exits at this point to the sound of moaning in the background. Mister X developed some drugs and now he takes the responsibility of getting his city back. He vows to stay on a drug which makes him stay awake for 24 hours in order to get his job done. Mister X must find the girl because the kidnappers don’t want money but instead they want the factory to stay open in order to produce brain candy. Mister X takes on the help of a reporter, Miss Stone, and a bartender of brain candy, Anubis.

I hope Motter does more of these one shots because it is a nice take on detective stories without having to following every episode. It wasn’t the best detective story I have seen, but I like when things make me feel like I am still reading the original comic. Mister X narrates us through the piece which gives me that old time feeling. He is discovering the kidnapping right along with us. Of course it offers us some twist and turns, especially involving Madame Friedkin’s lover boy. Plus, who doesn’t love a bald man in a cool pair of shades.

Score: 3/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Dean Motter

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 3/27/13