Review: Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #5

Dr. Morrow continues his Fantastic Voyage as he astral projects into his body to fight the Jabberwocky of a sexually transmitted device that attacks spell casters. 

After sparking the beast into submission, he sets out to attack the monstrous witch sisters, Belladonna and Fontanelle.  After all that, he must battle Nostrum.


Eric holds aloft his magic sword and compels Charlotte to help the crew free Penny and stop Nostrum.  Grabbing help from Catrina Macabrey, the group presses on.

Morrow fights Nostrum, Eric battles the sisters and Catrina faces a horde of possessed enemies.  All the while Charlotte works on freeing a very angered Penny.

While still deviating away from some serious occult references, issue five delivers way better than its predecessor.  The fun comes through the innuendos and allusions peppered through the story.

Lukas Ketner’s art has not reduced one iota in quality.  Everything from the attractive and seductive Charlotte looking great to the ghastly demon masses makes this an enjoyable comic to look at. 

Throw in Seifert’s expert handling of the story through plot and dialogue and you have a comic that has always been worth the price, which is a dollar less than all the other funny books around it.

Only one issue left in this series, so grab it while you can.  You will enjoy rereading this book down the road.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Brandon Seifert

Artist: Lukas Ketner

Publisher: Skybound and Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 3/27/13