Review: Peanuts #7

I applaud Kaboom Studios for their expert handling of this license.  For the second issue under my review the Peanuts Gang have been finding new, entertaining adventures that would make Charles Schulz proud.

The artists submitting to the comic’s collection of vignettes do not take liberties; instead, they recreate everyone from Charlie Brown to Woodstock in faithful fashion.  I appreciate the bold, vibrant colors used for the production of the book.  Small children will be fascinated and entertained by the palette of colors.

Best of all, the writing proves humorous, innocent, and entertaining.  I enjoyed the book and laughed at all the right times.  When the hijinks continue, they are non-offensive and at the cost of Charlie Brown most times.  I can see a parent curling up on a rainy day with a child and introducing the tyke to the love of comics through their best representatives: Charles Schulz’s endearing cast of characters.

Included in this issue are stories focusing on Schroeder, the whole gang at the bowling alley, and Charlie Brown writing a fan letter.  Classic Peanuts strips appear, also. 

I am content that Charlie Brown and the gang continue to have great stories told about them, and I am a fan of Kaboom for their perfect execution of the legacy created by a man named Charles Schulz who wanted to make the world a little better by drawing some funny pictures.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Various

Artists: Various

Publisher: Kaboom/Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 3/27/13