Review: Munchkin #2

Munchkin #2 is out this week and I wanted to give this book second chance since I am a big fan of the card game that this book is based.  While it is nice to have a Munchkin series, the first issue was a bit of a disappointment for a lead issue.   The book did offer several short stories in its debut, but most of the stories felt flat and didn’t feel much like Munchkin.  The saving grace in the last issue was the third story which showed the true potential of this book. Munchkin-#2-2-26-15Munchkin #2 starts off with two of the franchises most recognizable characters in Spyke and Flower. The first story titled: "Might Makes Wight" takes you right into the Munchkin world.  With much eagerness the characters jump into the dungeon. Cleverly enough, the dungeon our heroes jump into is the Wight Brothers Adventure Dungeon which is one of the game’s most recognizable monsters.   Once they get in the dungeon, a series of over the top hilarious actions ensues.  From Flying Harpies being defeated by breaking their harps to Big Foot being completely disregarded as he doesn’t exist and hurting its feeling.  The book does a great job of keeping the humor going.  It’s like a machine gun just delivering you the humor. Once it’s done with one joke, bam! Another is already hitting you.  It’s very chaotic and fun just like the game itself.

The second story is also very funny and clever and it gives some funny lore about the floating nose.  Zub does a great job of telling funny characteristics about the monster. For example, no matter how much you run, the floating nose will always find you because of its giant nose being able to smell you out and kill you.  However, it also gives you tips how to survive an encounter with this beast by simply bribing the beast and it will leave you alone.  The story does a great job a dissecting the character and telling you that there are other types of beast like it all over the world.   A very funny bio about one of the funniest beast you will encounter in your adventure in Munchkin.

Overall, Munchkin #2 is a step up from issue one. The book delivers on all the points that makes the game Munchkin a hit.  Funny dialogue, clever naming of items and beasts.  Funny lore and beasts and most of all that over the top, chaotic, and sneaky environment that we all love from this franchise.  I’m back on board with this book!

Score: 4/5

Munchkin #2 Writer: Tom Siddel & Jim Zub Artist: Ian McGinty & Rian Rych Publisher: BOOM!/Boom Box Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/25/15 Format: Print/Digital