Review: My Love Story!! 1.1

After the opening of My Love Story!! or if you prefer OreMonogatari, I was pretty sure this show wasn’t going to be for me. I was pretty damn sure. Then I remembered that I had the manga to review as well and I was dreading it because again, I was pretty sure this wasn’t for me. Somewhere before the end… it became for me. I was watching with a friend and by the end of the episode she said she wanted to watch more as well. It hooked us.

And the brilliant thing is, it’s just a love story. Now I’m not saying that there’s not a lot more going on and that there aren’t complex relationships at work, but it’s just a love story. It’s not a fantasy romance, it’s not a supernatural romance, and it’s not a horror romance. It’s not even a satirical romance. For the first time in a long ass time I found a show that’s only goal was romance and not harem style… and it ended up being really good.

My Love Story!! 1 (1)In terms of how much time passes in the main story we’re not talking very long. It gives the impression that not much happens because of this, but really a lot does. We learn all about our main character Takeo Gouda, a towering giant of a teenager. We see him as he graduates 8th grade, we see how he becomes friends with his next door neighbor Makoto Sunakawa, the boy that every girls wants to be with. We see the delusions Takeo has about his own value and worth because of Makoto. Every girl that Takeo has ever liked has always gone for Makoto and Makoto has turned them all down. So that when Takeo saves a girl from being groped on the train, he can’t imagine that she likes him.

The girl, Rinko brings him cake and “leaves” her cellphone so she can bring him more deserts. Deserts that she makes herself for Takeo. But he can’t see it. He thinks that she’s using him to get to Makoto like every girl before. Hopefully I’m right on this because it appears that she’s using Makoto to get to Takeo, but that’s the charming thing about this story… I don’t know. It could be the opposite and we’re being taken on a clever ruse. Takeo could actually be right and not delusional at all. I don’t know, but that’s a good story for you because I want to know. I desperately want to know how this story will turn out.

My Love Story!! 1 (2)Will friendships be ruined, will a love triangle be built because for once Makoto can see what makes Rinko great and Takeo’s pushing will only serve to bring them to the point that they’re in love with the same woman? I mean none of this is really “new”, but the presentation and Takeo’s personality make it so damn interesting to find out.

Now there is some comedy because you couldn’t deal with gushy love stuff the entire time otherwise you’d tune out. PDA is annoying for a reason after all. Takeo is hilarious. His narration is the driving force and for a big dude he moves like a hyperactive small character. But there’s this balance of him being hyperactive, but then still big. I relate because it’s honestly how I feel most days.

My Love Story!! 1 (3)The art plays a huge part in making this anime work. Aside from having some over the top physical comedy, there’s the facial expressions which take the traditional things every viewer is familiar with… and cranks it to eleven. Then there’s Rinko who I shit you not is made to look like a doll. It has to be intentional and it makes her the most adorable thing on the planet. Especially when she bumbles about and attempts to show interest in Takeo.

The last thing I was expecting this week with anime premieres was to fall for one that’s a straight up romantic comedy. I thought I would be one and done with this show, but instead… I can’t wait for more. I can’t wait to read the manga which I will likely do before the next episode. I don’t know if you’ll be as smitten with this series as I am, but I think if you go in with no expectations you might just fall in love with My Love Story!!

Score: 4/5

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