Review: Pure Entertainment

Not too long ago Nix Comics had a successful Kickstarter project; one of the comics that were funded was an anthology called Pure Entertainment. To picture it accurately think of the Archie Digest novels that you always see in the grocery store, because it’s about that size. Inside are tons of story as each one really only runs a few pages if that. Because of that a lot of different creators were able to work on the anthology and provide different voices, different art and their own unique story. The first story was one of my favorites as it set the tone of the entire rest of the issue. It’s called “Rock Lobster” and as you can imagine stars a rock star lobster. It’s drawn in an old school Disney animation way, with a touch of Crumb for good measure. The story is a lot of fun and not to be taken serious at all.

The second story that jumped out at me was “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenary.” The entire story is just a dude telling his old band stories to the next generation of rockers, but the narration and storytelling really brings you into the world. The art was also the right fit for the story and helped make the reader immersive. It was one of the longer stories in the anthology and rightfully so.

Pure Entertainment copy 2There was a very impressive one page story called “Studebaker.” As you can imagine it’s about the car, but the journey of the character and his car is pretty cool. The pictures were thumbnail size, but still very detailed and impressive.

Since I could go on and on about the stories I liked I’ll end with one more called “Classic Man.” I liked this one because it reminded me of a Looney Tunes cartoon. It stars Classic Man who is a conductor for an orchestra. He’s super intense and all about classical music. A kid takes a wrong turn and ends up bringing his boom box on to the stage and ends up facing Classic Man’s wrath. It was funny and well-drawn. Classic Man’s look was familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

I really enjoyed this anthology. I liked the diversity of the stories and the fact that it was an issue that kept giving. I never knew how many more pages I had to read or how many stories that would equate to, but I enjoyed it for that same reason. There are a lot of great creators that contributed to this anthology so if you like music and anthologies then this is not one you should miss.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: Look Mom Comics/Nix Comics Price: $10.00 Website