Review: Vreckless Vrestlers #1

Vreckless Vrestlers is a fantastic indie comic. It is in a category all its own as it tells a story no one else has, in a way that few creators would be bold enough to attempt. What’s fantastic about this first issue is that it’s a flipbook. Usually flipbooks are just gimmicky filler issues or bullshit previews, but given the nature of this story and the structure it actually works. On the first side we see the fight between the Crimean Crab vs. The Eye. Hands down this was my favorite story of the issue. It was violent and brutal, but the really gut-wrenching part comes at the end when the Eye delivers a psychological blow like no other. For a comic that has no words, this was a powerful and moving scene.

The second story takes place between Vegan Cat vs. Flatwood Monster. It’s a different battle as this one is all about strength and that “never say die” attitude. That and there’s a cat dude and he’s a Vegan. I’m not going to say that I played favorites, but I totally played favorites.

Vreckless Vrestlers #1 copy 2On the inside of both covers is a breakdown of each fighter which is one part Marvel trading cards and another part the back of action figures with stat breakdowns. Do you need to read them to enjoy or understand the story? No, but they are fun to read and really show how much time and passion creator Lukasz Kowalczuk has put into the world.

Kowalczuk’s artwork is pretty freaking great in this issue. He captures the world of wrestling to an extent, but then he tops it by adding the over the top violence. This issue is in all black & white and while the series looks great in color, it also works quite well in b&w.

For right now the series is only available on Comixology, but it should be coming in print to the U.S. soon. If you’re a fan of wrestling or a fan of extreme fighting than you’re going to love this series.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Lukasz Kowalczuk Self-Published Price: $0.99 Comixology Link