Review: Servamp E.01

Going into this show I already knew it wouldn’t be for me, but curiosity gets the best of me when a new anime season premieres. I’ve found that by just trying everything you may find something you never thought you’d like. Didn’t happen this time unfortunately. The premise is geared towards a female audience and that’s definitely something to be appreciated. There certainly could be more animations geared towards different walks of life in the U.S. market, but that’s a different rant. Basically cute high school boy who hates indecision picks up what he thinks is a cat, which obviously isn’t a cat, only to have it turn into a cute vampire boy. When sunlight hits the vamp he turns back into a cat.

mainvisual_0520The odd ball pairing comes from their personality types. The normal boy does everything for everyone else because it’s a bother to have indecision, whereas the vamp doesn’t like to be bothered or excessively explain everything. In a way they’re the same, but at the opposite end of the spectrum.

They of course end up contracted together. At first temporarily when the normal kid says the vamp’s name after a half ass attempt of telling him not to. Then they become contracted when the normal kid gives the vamp his blood. They fight another vamp that attacks the kid’s friend and blah, blah it doesn’t make much sense because the vamp doesn’t know why people are attacking him and the other vamp’s master wants to kill everyone who doesn’t know him… which is logical… if you’re an anime.

The art is actually really good. For a bunch of pretty boys, the designs weren’t annoying and actually pretty iconic. The action was really good and easy to follow. There was decent blood, but it wasn’t too gory to cause it to be censored. Even the comedy was well handed. We’ll see if that becomes a distraction to the story, but it was amusing to see the vamp in cat size, but intentionally animated normally. Basically think of a super deformed version of the vamp.

The show isn’t terrible, but the setup is really forced. The characters are just lazy and so they end up together. Then when the second vampire shows up and causes mayhem and gives his reason why it’s a real head scratcher. Like it’s just incredibly dumb and really just there to force the two main characters together. The only good thing that might come from this is that with the setup out-of-the-way they can get on with some kind of story, but even that is half-heartedly. At times it feels more like the story is asking the audience which storyline they’d like to follow rather than making a decision and following it. But points for sledgehammering the title of the show into the episode.

[su_box title="Score: 2/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Servamp E.01