Review: Severed #3

This issue mostly focused on standing around and talking,but as the reader I couldn’t help but sit on the edge of my seat and yell at the main characters. This entire issue was basically that scene in any horror movie where you have more information than the characters and you’re forced to watch them make every stupid mistake possible and it’s exciting and infuriating at the same time. Still this is one of the best suspense/horror comics I’ve read in comics, period!
Jack and Sam (I totally just got that reference! IMDB it, you’ll see) any way, they begin hitting the streets to earn enough money for Jack to head down to Mississippi and continue chasing after his father. They start to make a killing at it due to Jack’s natural abilities and training and soon enough he's ready to set off. Sam opens up to him about why she’s out on the road and Jack asks her/him to come along with him. The next day the fellas are out, hard at work when the "monster" approaches. He’s taken on the identity of the man he killed in the last issue and he begins sweat talking them and eventually talks them into dinner at his place. Can we say duh, duh, duh!
IMG110871That’s as much of the story I’m going to give you because the rest is intense and you’ll be flipping through the pages just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. Tuft and Synder did a great job with this issue and they accomplish a much different goal than the last issue. With this one it literally puts our main characters in the line of fire and that’s good, but as good as it is I figured it out with this issue. I’ll still stick around for the next two, to see how it plays out. If you want to hear my guess then ask me via Twitter, but this is still one of the best horror comics I’ve read in years.
Just a quick blurp about the art as it is still fantastic. Attila Futaki continues to just be stunning on the visuals and without him on the book; this story wouldn’t be half as good. An interesting fact, Futaki is working on the graphic novel version of the second volume of Percy Jackson. I’m not a fan of that series, but I would check it out due to his art. Hopefully after he’s done working for Disney he’ll continue putting out amazing horror fiction like Severed.
Did you miss the first two issues of this series? Well you’re in luck because they’re both available digitally on Graphicly and Comixology, where… this issue is also available today. That’s right Severed is one of the newest titles added to Image’s Day-and-Date initiative and frankly it’s a worthy addition. So, if you missed it you now have no excuse as to why you’re still missing one of the best books of 2011.
Score: 5/5