Review: Kult #3

For starters this issue was a bit different from the last issue. It was full of great character moments and really ignored the world that it was set it for the most part. I really enjoyed the fact that it did something different compared to the last issue, but my fear is that we’ll never truly experience the world that story is set in and that would be tragic.
The second issue left off with Tomas in front of a mental institution. His daughters are inside somewhere and he’s hell bent on finding them. Too bad he has to tear through the entire place first to do it. He’s helped out by Mark, a man he helped after arresting him so many times. Mark goes through a story about how their work there really helps people and that Tomas’ words helped him change his life. What are those words? “The only way you’ll stay clean is if I hold a gun to your head for the rest of your life.”Pretty chilling and those words thrown back in Tomas’ face made him re-evaluate part of his own life.
18462The story ends on a pretty big cliffhanger that as they say,“takes the gloves off” for the next issue. Jeremy Barlow sets the stage for a thrilling conclusion and I’m curious to see if the fourth issue will be inherently different for the previous two. I really enjoyed the dialog involving or coming from Tomas in this issue, but he supporting cast feel a bit short at times. They became pretty irrelevant in this issue and added nothing to the story. The art was just as good as the last issue and the cover is very strange, as it almost makes you want to look away, but peaks your interest at the same time.
This is a pretty entertaining book and I’m looking forward to the next chapter. It may not strike me on every chord, but it does a lot right and I think that makes it worth picking up. After reading fifty-two first issues from the “Big Two”, I found it very refreshing to pick up something somewhat familiar and have it surprise me by how good it was. If you find yourself in the same boat then check out Kult#3.
Score: 3/5