The New 52: Week 4 – Part 1

If you don’t know the drill on this crap yet, then read the first batch of reviews here, the second batch here and here and guess what? The third batch here and here. Let’s jump right into the book that pissed me off the most.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1


Why does this book exist? Why didn’t they simply cancel Batman and Robin or put Finch on that series? Also if I have to read one more book with Bruce Wayne at a charity event I’m going to puke. I like that they’re not forgetting his social life, but it’s a bit overkill by now. Also they’re just going to forget about it in six issues anyways so stop giving it so much emphasis now or you’ll just piss people like me off when we haven’t forgotten about it. The only thing this book had going for it was one scene in which Batman tells everyone not to be distracted by the first appearance of the White Rabbit. It felt like Batman, but the problem was hat he knew everything that was happening before anyone else and it didn’t make a lick of sense. How did he know it was Two-Face? Seriously that bothered me a lot that Finch and Jenkins Ramboed this story. Let me explain: in Rambo:First Blood there is a scene where Rambo jumps down from a tree perfectly on top of a “bad guy” and kills him. There in a forest and this guy just happens to pick the tree that Rambo is in, it’s called convenient storytelling and that’s what the entire Asylum scene was. Also the new Two-Face, or“One-Face” as he asked to be called was lame as hell. The art okay, but Finch needs to practice drawing Bruce’s face more so he doesn’t look mentally ill.I’m sure Jenkins is on this book to keep Finch from missing deadlines like he did before, but his storytelling presence wasn’t felt.

Score – Buy. This is the first book I’m going to buy out of morbid curiosity and that’s it. Otherwise I'd pass on this real quick.

Green Lantern: NewGuardians #1


Yet another book from Tony Bedard and it was surprisingly decent. In fact the only disappointment from the Lantern books has been Green Lantern itself. In this little ditty we’re reintroduced to Kyle Ryner’s origin and frankly it was kind of needed. I also liked that fact that the different colored rings abandoned their owners in favor of Ryner. DC has long said that he plays a “special” role in the GL universe, but really it seems like they shoehorn him into any situation they can to prove the point. It was a good start to the series and it’s good that basically every earth GL has their own book at this point.

Score – Buy

The Savage Hawkman #1


This is yet another title that has erased the annoyances of the characters past, but did nothing even remotely interesting in the issue. I don’t know when Tony Daniel’s became a writer extraordinaire for DC, but they should really just put him back on art duties. I can’t say I loved the whole smash, smash Hawkman for yesterdays and thank god the whole “tragic lovers”angle is absent, but this new Hawkman… talks to damn much. Seriously, shut up.Philip Tan’s art is decent, but you’d think another artist would know who really showcase the art, but I guess that’s two things that Daniel’s isn’t good at.

Score – Pass

Aquaman #1


I liked this book, how could anyone not like this book it classic Johns fixing another broken DC character and how better than Aquaman. My only real problem with this book was the fact that the story was so self-aware that it practically slaps you in the face with the fact they’re trying to make Aquaman cool. In general it was still good and teaming Johns and Reis together again is delightful as the pair did some of their best work on Green Lantern together.It makes sense that they would work well together on Green Lantern Jr. Aquaman as well. Mostly I just wish more had happened in this book to warrant metal king about it.

Score – Buy

Blackhawks #1


Hey it’s another clandestine team of heroes fighting against a clandestine group of villains. This book was decent even if was like the six time I’ve read this same scenario and Costa basically turned the Blackhawaks into G.I. Joe, which is cool, but when you look at his writing credits (he wrote a lot of G.I. Joe)it’s less impressive. Still a decent book and hopefully readers are receptive to it, after all G.I. Joe in the DCU is a very cool concept… even if it’s not very original.

Score – Buy

Flash #1


Yet another damn book written by an artist. So I guess anyone that was married got the “Brand New Day” treatment and had their marriage absolved which teaches kids that marriage is okay to reboot whenever you want. You know what I hated about this book? The fact that I had no idea what the fuck was going on. It sure as hell wasn’t picking up from the last series and it didn’t try to explain anything. Usually I’m fine with skipping the origin story, but when you do the way Manapul did it, it feels like you’re missing more than the origin.The story telling was poorly organized; the narration was pointless and uninformative. Also it felt like Manapul was sucked by Johns take on the blond in the last series so he just switched everything so that they could date.Literally this read like fan-fiction more than a professionally made comic book. The art was okay, but lacked any detail in the inking and coloring department. Also I hate clone stories.

Score – Pass, saddens me to say that but I’m not picking this book up again until they get a new writer and frankly Manapul just fucked up everything Johns fixed in the last series. Way to go!

Teen Titans #1


There are seven “Titans” on the cover, but you can bet your ass that only four of them make an appearance in the book. Also I hope you wanted some recycled Superboy pages, because you’re getting them! Other than that this was a decent story. For those keeping track at home this is Lobdell’s third reboot book and the second or third clandestine group introduced way back in Superboy #1. I liked the fact that it was just, “Hey were all sidekicks, we should hangout.” In fact other than Red Robin, none of them have worked with their namesakes. Wasn’t crazy about Wondergirl’s costume, I like that its Donna Troy inspired, but a one piece with a hood just makes her look weird. Keep the pants though! I find it strange that Lobdell who used to work with current DC EIC back at Marvel, has gotten a good to great artist for all three of his books while other writers have gotten stuck with crap. If you were a fan of the old Teen Titans or Young Justice then this probably going to rub you the wrong way so either go in with an open mind or don’t bother.

Score – Buy… for now.This reeks of formula writing so it could easily become stale.

All-Star Western #1


This was the first book that when I finished it I wanted to read the next issue! We found it damn it! Now, I do have a soft spot for Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, especially since Jimmy was one of my first interviews with a comic professional. I’m also a big softy for Moritat’s art and frankly how can anyone not be? He’s one of the best artists in the business and he’s very, very underrated. He seriously should be on books like Superman, Avengers and all that top selling crap. Personally though, I’m happy to see him work on stuff like The Spirit and this new title All-Star Western. Moritat shows what a versatile artist he with this book, his career has included futuristic Sci-fi, 50’s mobsters and now a western and he’s nailed it each time. Gray and Palmiotti continue their run on Jonah Hex and basically just keep him the way they always have, but now have thrown him into a new element which is really good. This is the only book that I can honestly say is a “must buy” and maybe that’s just my personal taste or it could just be that this is one of the best reboot books that DC’s managed to put out.

Score – 5/5 BUY!