Cover Talk

I believe that the covers for comic books play a major role in grabbing readers in, especially new ones. So its understandable that some people would go all out to impress us with their art to make that particular issue stand out above the rest, even if the cover has nothing to do with what happens inside. Browsing through my comic store I found two covers that made me more than just double take. These were titles I don't even collect but had to pick up just for a look see. So let me start by showing you the awesome cover. Mice Templar

As if this is not an awesome looking cover. Mice killing each other. This is Mice Templar Vol III issue #5. I think the art on this is amazing and has what makes a great cover. I know nothing of this series except there are mice in it. Michael Avon Oeming is responsible for the cover. But to balance such a great cover I found one that was pretty bad.


And now for my very own WTF Cover. Daredevil #3 features the characters Daredevil and Klaw. I mean I am all for bringing back old characters but wouldn't you wanna try and make it look better? As if you can't tell me what is wrong with this artwork. This is bad, this is disgusting. This is WTF?!?!?!?!? I really don't get what they are trying to do but its out there.d