Review: TMNT #6

We’re on the sixth issue of this series already so if you’re not hooked then you’re probably not going to be by this issue either. There’s no doubt that the first five were a lot stronger issues than this one, but it still has a great mix of old and new elements that not only have a feel of nostalgia but actually work within the modern story. There is however some hiccups in this issue that some will find disappointing since the book has increased in quality for the past five months. If you read the preview you’ll see that the book starts with the Turtles following after members of the Foot Clan that are hot on the trail of a Frenchman. There’s banter back and forth from Donnie and Leo as the two can’t seem to agree upon anything. They stay out-of-the-way until SPOILER, the French dude takes a knife in the back. The Foot Soldiers drop a smoke grenade and leave the scene and the Turtles receive the Frenchman’s last words, “War is coming.” After that Splinter drops some more knowledge bombs on Turtles and explains how they were reincarnate into their current forms. Donnie is skeptical since he’s more of a turtle of science.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles_06_Preview-1You’re going to have to read the book in order to not be disappointed by that cover, but I will say the Mousers are back! The book is good, but it’s starting to hang out too much on the origins of the Turtles and Splinter. Granted their still laying the ground work for stories to pay off years down the road and I love that, but what was fresh and interesting for five issues is starting to become common place which lessens the impact of the reveals. I’d really like to see a break in the story and just have some solid action. Hopefully, that’s the plan for the next issue.

Edit: I was wrong about the color bands that was in the fifth issue, guess it didn't stick out as much as I would have thought. Thanks to writer Tom Waltz for pointing it out to me via Twitter.

There were two elements to this issue that threw me off instantly. The first was the fact that we were in the present day storyline after being left in the past previously and the second was the head bands. I loved the fact that they were all wearing old school red bands and it seemed like it was going to be something special when they received their colors. Unfortunately, there was nothing special about it since the colorist seems to have taken it upon themselves to fill it in.

The writing and art are still very solid, but I have to down grade them both this issue. The past five issues have been either fives or fours and this issue just isn’t up to par which is a bummer. Even still the book is better than a lot of other titles out there and worth picking up. I’m not sure that this issue is the start of new storyline as it feels as if we’re just going to keep going with each new chapter. I like that a lot, it breaks from that feeling of the six issue story arc that has taken over the storytelling art form of comics. For that it gets kudos, but I really hope the next issue is better.

Score: 3/5

Story: Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz Writer: Tom Waltz Artist: Dan Duncan Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/25/12