Review: Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth #4

Pure Innocence that’s all I can say about the main character. Todd is pure blissful innocence in a world of deceit and dishonor, but why the bag on his head is he really that ugly?

Todd’s still in prison and gets involved in a blanket party, holding an inmate down with their blanket to beat them up. Instead Todd is tickling the inmate’s feet and asking for cake as the other are holding him down and carving snitch across his forehead.  Little does Todd know his mother has posted bail for him. She received the money by lifting the Rolex off the guy she slept with at the bar. 

The camera happy police chief finally catches the murderer because he has to take crap.  He makes the arrest after maiming the killer. The chief doesn’t call for back up of course, but the media to bask in his glory and still stands by the fact that Todd still has something to do with the murders.  The chief does this all with no pants.

Gus, Todd’s father, has been invited to Balinda’s hotel room. He of course thinks he is getting lucky, but she has other plans. Gus being a huge fan doesn’t think twice.  As he enters the Hotel he gets pummeled by her body guard then has to go through an extensive search after Belinda saves Gus from a beating of a life time. Gus knowing every detail of Belinda and her involvement in the church (scientology) they start discussing on how to push her “B” list career to a super star career. As they are discussing Belinda has a proposal for Gus and his family so she can keep her secret from the public eye.

This story is very catchy, just when I think I can ditch it the writing gets me. The humor is also written well, even down the cockroaches. This issue is a good wrap up and pushes into the next arc.  Todd is an interesting character enough for the story, but the chief, the inmates, the maniac killer all add to the story.  The word play with the dialogue is written well and can catch you off guard. There is a lot more to describe here but it would just spoil the fun of the issue. The super realistic art is the perfect fit for the story. Every character is defined well and has their own personality that pops off the page.  How ugly is Todd is my question?

This is a well written story with great humor and art. It’s a memorial story that has been catchy. It has done so well it’s now an ongoing series and I hope that it does well. I can’t wait to see if they find Todd innocent and how their life is changing with all that’s going on.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ken Kristensen

Artist: M.K. Perker

Colorist: Cemal Soyleyen

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/17/13