Review: Witchblade - Day of the Outlaw (One-Shot)

Sheriff Enola has taken on the role of Witchblade in this one-shot. I have to say that she is pretty hot too. Sometimes I just judge a character off of looks and I did with this comic. First you have Witchblade. Then you have Witchblade in a Western. Okay I will take a turn at this; looks aside though the comic is just alright. When reading one-shots I always find myself wanting more from the story. This comic did that same thing to me. I needed more pages of the story.

The comic started off with Enola taking a hot bath in the Wild West. She gets barged in upon by Amos. He is a bandit trying to get his stolen money back. Amos decides that his money can wait and he would rather bang this Witchblade...can’t blame him. Of course she jumps out of the tub and the battle gear snuggles around her before he can see nakedness. She beats some ass, but gets stopped because the town priest walks in and claims her to be a witch.

Obviously she is, but she is helping the town not putting them under spells. They hate her even more and because of her Native American roots so she must be lying. She says fuck all y’all, I am leaving and taking the horse. Right when she leaves bad shit starts to happen. Estacado and his homies roll up to take over the town. They want to eat like kings, boss workers around and rape the woman… the usual. The priest manages to escape only to find himself at the mercy of Enola. Enola decides to return and help the town. She ends up in an Annie-get-your-gun-situation. She throws Estacado out of town and tells his boys to stay and to enjoy the town even though the locals are assholes. The Witchblade is off again.

By the time I started to get into this comic it ended. I didn’t mind the comic it was fun to read and see her in a western atmosphere but there could have been more of a story. The comic left me wondering what the point of this one-shot was. I think there could have been a series because the basis has potential. Like I said Witchblade in cowboy days seem like a good read. Instead I got no story. I feel like one-shots should want the reader to fully enjoy the comic and want more done with it…after all it could be there one-shot at making the character stick.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov

Artist: Nelson Blake II

Publisher: Top Cow and Image Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/17/13