Review: Trigger Men #3

This issue kicks off the next story arc for the series and right off the bat I like the fact that it’s not following the “Barnes & Noble” standard for storylines. I don’t know how many series over the years have been stretch out or cut off because of that it’s just refreshing to see someone not forced to create like that. The issue begins with a severe lack of our main characters and at first it’s a bit distracting since the thought lingers in the back of your mind, “When will we get to them?” Instead we’re introduced to twin brothers with very different personalities, also I could be misreading them as twins and they could just look a lot alike. The timid brother receives a call from his criminal twin to visit him at the county jail. He reluctantly heads down there and after much brow beating is sent to Boston to retrieve bail money from a storage unit. Ian, our reluctant brother is about to open the storage unit is attacked from behind. Apparently his brother has ripped off a criminal outfit and they think that Ian is actually his brother. From there we’re taken on a car ride with our two thugs and Ian that’s filled with Tarintino inspired dialog. At first you kind of want them to shut up, but then the shit hits the fan and you can’t help but laugh at the situation and find enjoyment in the dialog. The story continues and we see how it ties into our trigger men as more of their overall story unfolds.

Trigger+Men+3There are a lot of characters introduced in this issue and it started to give me a Elmore Leonard feel as clearly some characters will come back to play a role later and others will be expendable almost instantly. Also this issue followed a three act story structure tightly, but it had very smooth transitions from once act to the next particularly the second to the third. It also goes without saying that our trigger men, Matt and Jason still have the best dialog of the series. The dark comedy aspect was a little toned down in this issue, or at least it wasn’t as different as the first two issues. The last issue was very dark at parts, but very funny and this issue seemed like it didn’t have as much to work with; which is okay since the first issue had only a few dark moments as well.

The art is still fantastic and I’m glad the book is in black and white. If it were in color I think it would lose the feel and tone it has going for it. Artist Heather Brinesh compliments Mike Andersen’s story perfectly and this issue really shows how in tune their creative process is becoming. Now you have several options for buying this issue, either in print (my personal favorite) or digitally. The important thing is that you pick it up and give it a read so that we you can come back here and chat about it with me. Yes I know how very selfish to want to talk to someone I probably don’t know about a comic, but that’s what I’m asking. Enough of that head over to and explore the awesomeness that is Trigger Men.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Mike Anderson Artist: Heather Brinesh Publisher: Triptych Books