Review: Zombie Tramp - Vol. 2 #1

It’s not really hard for me to pinpoint why I like Zombie Tramp so much, she’s basically the Zombie version of Jessica Rabbit and what’s not to love about that?Creator/Artist/Writer Dan Mendoza does what no other zombie artist had done before and made a damn sexy zombie. She’s not to gored up or decrepit that she’shard to look at, but she is still zombiefied. It’s a fine line that he walks with his art and the real treat is seeing what outfit he’ll put her in.Literally I blazed through the story until I saw what crazy outfit he’d come up with for her and it was worth the price of admission alone.
The story is pretty simple; Zombie Tramp has been sleeping in the house that we last left her in. The house has been boarded up and abandoned due to the whole Zombie evil Cop mess from the first story arc, but now the house has been disturbed by trespassers. The group of three enters the house and finds a little girl inside. Suddenly wanting to play humanitarian they ask the girl if she needs help, until a very naked Zombie Tramp comes in to the room… to eat them.
ZombieTrampVol2_1coverAt first the men of the group are distracted by her…nakedness and figure it’s some sort of prank (a sexy prank). But again, she’sthere to eat them and having just woken up she’s very hungry. It’s then revealed that the little girl knows who she is and needs her help to kill her parents. She’s magical and casts a spell that makes Janey (aka Zombie Tramp)look normal. After eating her meal Janey and the little girl head out across the country to kill some parents!
You can probably guess that these are no ordinary parents and really if this story is anything like the last volume a happy ending is out of the question. That doesn’t matter, because it’s such a fun read and it doesn’t take the zombie genre so seriously that it stops being fun. Mendoza continues telling and creating a great story that really I just can’t help but love. I don’t know when the next issue comes out, but I’ll be certain to pick it up as soon as humanely possible because I’m looking forward to it that much. Now, I’m not sure if you can pick this book up from his site yet, but he will be at Comikaze this weekend in LA so if you’re there pick it up. Otherwise, start with the first volume which is great as well. If you want more info on Zombie Tramp or Mendoza stop by his site and check it out.
Score : 4/5
Writer/Artist/Creator: Dan Mendoza
Price: $3.99