Shia LaBeouf Is Back With More Comics He's Made


If you ever needed a wake up call about what you're doing with your life, let Shia LeBeouf be the call. This guy is just throwing comics out into the ether and even though they totally defy traditional terms of what a comic is, I have to say that it's pretty cool to just be able to do something like this.

Do I like his "comics"... no. They're not for me. Most of them lack any subtlty what so ever, but for the most part they're just weird for the sake of weird. I do wish I could walk around inside LaBeouf's head and see what the fuck he's thinking when he makes something called "I Am Beard" (shown above) or his newest comics "Sky High Ku" which is a hiaku about getting high. Strangely enough if you took the beard and attacked it to the Sky High Ku character you'd have one complete face. (Much more after the jump!)

Still not strange enough? He's giving them away or at least allowing the public to read them completely free of charge on Issuu. In addition to that, his twitter background also reveals an upcoming partnership with Boom Town, an imprint of Boom! Studios. From what I can tell the book is called "The World Begins Again" (2013 may or may not be apart of the title) and looks to be an anthology. You can see more stuff about it at

Partial credit via Business Insider