Wonder Con '13 Checks In On Fox's AxeCop Series, And it Looks Awesome

ADHD held a panel for the upcoming Axe-cop animated series at wondercon on March 30, for those of you who were worried on how the show was going to turn out I can say with confidence that, as of now, it looks pretty damn kick ass.

For those who don’t know Axe-cop is the pet project of one Ethan Nicolle and his 5-year old brother Malachai, the project came together one Christmas afternoon during a family dinner when Malachai began playing alone and enthusiastically in the living room with a plastic fire axe, intrigued by his gusto in the game his brother asked him what he was playing, "Axe-cop" was the instant answer. Over the course of the evening Ethan and Malachai played a game of imagination (following  the boy-genius Malachai`s manic ad libbed lore). The game and the story unfolding so eloquently in a child’s hilarious shorthand was apparently so nutty and funny that brother Ethan (a comic writer and artists) began note-taking the net day, and thus a soon to be sucessful web comic was born chronicling the adventures of the ax-wielding badass Axe cop and his sometimes partner dinosaur solider. The story and characters have expanded to encompass a web-show, in-print comics and even a toy line. Big network animation is the next step.

Nick Offerman (known for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in the show Parks and Rec) is perfectly cast as Axe-cop, bringing an appropriately stoic and uber manly voice to the charecter that sounded awesome in the trailer that was premiered.

Other actors attached to awesome shows like Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad, Jared Harris of Mad men and the standup and occasional television actor Patton Oswalt will also be featured on the project, which will start July 27th on FOX`s new animation block from 11-12:30am.

Malachai himself can be heard narrating the hilarious trailer which features Axe-cop in a series of hilarious predicaments and showcases a glimpse at a ridiculous rouges list including Dr. Doo-Doo and an overzealous zombie-fetishist Adolf Hitler. 

Malachai is reportedly heavily involved in the show and is often called up as a creative consultant. This is fucking awesome. I also love the idea that this show has to be in an adult time slot because to illustrate the mind of a 5 year old and make a program about it is too violent and crude for kids. For some reason this idea is hysterical to me. As a fan of animation i`m excited about the walls being brought down creatively as were seeing more and more cartoons that blur the lines between age groups and really embrace some off the wall and ingenious humor and artwork. Fingers crossed that this show could be the next big thing in the medium, it`s looking great.