That Friday Night Thing

Perhaps your Friday isn't going according to plan. Maybe you've run into assholes in the real world or the digital world, and you find yourself looking for either an escape or just something good in the world. I don't know if I can offer you anything good in the world since I would have to get deeply personal, and I'm not going to do that. That would be weirdish. I can offer you the following hilarious photograph of one of the biggest names in comic books. rob_liefeld_armor

Image Source

That's right... there was a time, possibly recently, that Rob Liefeld woke up in his shorts and took a picture and drew on his iPadĀ (the one with the broken screen most likely) and then posted it on the internet. Several things stood out to me about this pictures.

  1. The wood molding in Rob's house is really nice.
  2. So is his wood floor.
  3. So is his kitchen.
  4. But not his microwave.
  5. He draws the same nose on everyone, his nose. Just look at it. He's illustrated that thing a hundred times.
  6. He needs new shorts and possibly a shirt.
  7. Definitely a shirt.
  8. Rob Liefeld only illustrates what he can see in pictures. He doesn't illustrate feet because he doesn't take pictures of his feet. Which means no pictures of Rob Liefeld's feet exist.
  9. One picture of Rob Liefeld's feet does exist.
  10. RM5_5827-175x175


More than likely I'm the only one amused by any of this, but it's Friday night. My night hasn't gone how I thought it would and for some reason searching the internet for a photo of Rob Liefeld's feet made my night. They do exist, even if they're dad shoes.