Uber #0 Sells Out -- Enhanced Second Print Coming


Kieron Gillen’s exciting new series, Uber, was a huge success, prompting an immediate sellout of stock on the aggressive over print for the title before the first official day on sale.  Uber #0, a powerful 48 page launch issue with 46 pages of story and supporting editorial, was hailed as “the best comic of the week” by many fans and retailers.  Collectors and speculators caused prices for the regular, wraparound, and propaganda poster editions to spike and sent retailers in search of copies to meet consumer demand.  The very rare Uber #0 Blitzkrieg Incentive edition saw eBay listings selling the book for ten times its cost within hours of the title hitting shelves.

Avatar Press is very proud to welcome Kieron Gillen to its stable of talented creators.  “Our fans have spoken the loudest with their praise and excitement over Kieron’s first series with us,” said William Christensen, Publisher of Avatar Press.  Uber #0 introduces the Invincible Iron Man scribe’s universe detailing the impact of introducing super soldiers into the dying days of World War II.  The series is meticulously researched and features real people, events, and battles from the pages of history.  And his vision of what these super humans can do along with their impact on the events to that point in history have presented something that is unique to the series.  Artist Caanan White has created the perfect balance of the fantastic alongside his depictions of the real life horrors of war.

To help get more copies out to comic shops so that all fans can experience the world of Uber, Avatar Press is rushing a new product that both reprints the original content of Uber #0 and adds 16 additional pages of behind the scenes content, research, and unseen pencil art.  This Uber #0 Enhanced Edition is 64 pages, $4.99 retail, and is strictly limited to 7500 copies.  The Enhanced Edition will be the only reprinting of Uber #0content before the trade paperback collection arrives in 2014.  “We want to thank retailers for their support in making Uber a hit with fans,” said Christensen.  “And this new Uber #0 Enhanced Edition will allow everyone to experience the beginning of the series and will be on sale the same week as Uber #1.”

UBER #0 ENHANCED EDITION (FEB138545 E) will be available for sale through Diamond Comic Distributors in their 4/8/13 issue of Previews Plus.  The 64 page $4.99 retail edition will be the final reprinting of Uber #0content to be presented before the trade paperback collection in 2014 and is strictly limited to 7500 copies.  Retailers are encouraged to place orders now to avoid potential allocation of the product solicitation through the regular Previews cycle.   Orders are due by Monday 4/15.

Via Avatar Press