Geoff Johns Details DC's "Trinity War" - Stuff Happens


Over the weekend Geoff Johns detailed the long rumored Trinity War for USA Today. Like every USA Today story the details were weak and the hype was tremendous. The crossover finds all three Justice League titles crossing over after the death of a hero which results in the JLA hunting down the Secret Society of Supervillains. Geoff Johns killing someone? Old hat sir, old hat. Jeff Lemire is co-plotting on JLA and writing JL Dark and the entire story is taking place across two months and all three series.

Johns also mentioned that team dynamics such as Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and lastly Zatanna and Constantine. The story will also include Phantom Stranger, Pandora and The Question (who's back to being a dude) who were all cursed by wizards eons ago.

I'm not super interested in this event, but I'm glad to see that DC has responded to fans and begun having mini crossovers within divisions of the company rather than "big events" that force every title to participate.